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    Liverpool vs Aston Villa

    So how do you think the game will go?

    IN favour of us:
    We have more rest time
    We won our last game, they lost it
    We might have Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt, Benouyoun, and Aqua out at the same time.

    Against us:
    Villa beat us before
    They are at home

    Also i might add Villa are experienced being in the top 4. Like us last time. We didn't know what to do when we were first. Discuss

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      Proclaiming Martin Jol the next Shankly but unable to explain why a perpetual 5th place man would be good for LFC

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    • Hopefully they will hit the 'blip' they did same time last year, if we can nullify the wing play then we stand a chance, not sure about Johnson up against Ashely Young, would definitely opt for experience on the left with Aurelio and maybe Carragher on the right, in regards to team selection I'd like to see this starting XI.

      Carragher Skrtel Agger Aurelio
      Kuyt Aquilani Gerrard Benayoun

      I still maintain I'd like to Johnson on the RM slot, he'd offer us something alot different to the one dimensional Dirk Kuyt.

    • I understand you love to answer posts when P&S has been asked a direct question that he has refused to answer, but now it seems you've morphed into a parrot as well. What a strange little man you must me.

    • "Another late night at the lake house?

      Come on P&S you can do better than that. There is avoiding questions, and then there is deflection P&S style. Brizzle, Connecticut, are you running out of ideas of things to say so thing geographical locations are going to impress anyone?

      So simple question, are you going to put your words into action? Those who stood behind Rafa when the owners considered a change took to the streets, and made sure their voices in the Kop were heard. I wish I could have joined them, but I'm not a man of means who can travel across the globe at a drop of a hat, or have the insider connections to get me ticket at short notice.

      But you are a man of means, and vast connections, so what do you say. Time Rafa was gone, well stand up and let your voice be heard in the real world. Surely better than typing away late at night in your lake side home. "

      Yes thats right steer, im quoting your entire post... I can see your chest puffed out over this latest result, such a fine result, over the mighty wolves but why such arrogance over just one result....and its not exactly a proud one is it?

      So you feel like we're stepping into a brave new world after the huge victory over mid table competitors Wolves? You need help

    • For me it all comes down to confidence. Without taking anything away from Villa, who have a fine squad that has been well coached to reach its current position, I think we have more quality.

      But, we've taken a number of knocks this season that have dented our confidence. I think there is still a question mark on the full fitness of Gerrard, Torres and Aqualani, although Stevie looked the part on Saturday. But the question is does one win against Wolves bring back the belief. Does each player believe in themselves and the player next to them to execute. If so, then while a tough game I think we have the edge.

      Villa on the other hand, before today had been on a great run. Almost everything they did went there way. They say good luck leads to good luck, and vice versa, but I think its more confidence breeds confidence. The fine run they had raised their confidence to allow them for example to go to OT and believe they could get the win for a change, and so it came to pass. The question is does one falter against Arsenal mean a slight stumble or a dent in their confidence.

      One thing should point out however. While the Villains did win the fixture at Anfield, we dominated much of that game, and in my mind was the beginning of some bad luck that started the draining of our confidence. Who knows on whom lady luck will shine on Tuesday, but if we can get a result this more than anything (along with our next fixture against Spurs) to get our confidence, along with our season, back on track.

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      • "I think we have more quality." steer the queer squawks

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        LOST to bottom of the table Pompey

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        5 points and three massive places below the superb Villains

        RIGHTLY acknowledged as a two man team with NO DEPTH - and BOTH are playing injured.......... and it SHOWS.

        Gerrard so disILLUSIONED he had to have a private meeting at Melwood with Wafa to get a kick up the arse TO EVEN PLAY!

        More quality than Villa?.......... who boast such incredible young talent as Young, Agbonlahor, Milner, Warnock, Downing, Delph etc compared to the likes of Dosenna, Babel, Lucas, Ngog, Skretl etc hahaha - AHAHAHAHAHAHA

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