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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 31, 2009 19:19 Flag

    Man City raid - A blessing in disguise?

    Should Liverpool finish below the CL spot, Man City have said that they plan an astonishing triple-raid on Anfield.

    Mancini has said that they will bid upwards of £100m for Steven Gerrard, Javier Mascherano and Fernando Torres.

    With a good manager in charge at Anfield, just imagine what he could do with such huge transfer funds.

    Using Wenger's wheeling and dealing on our Invincibles side over the years, maybe it's not as bad as it seems. At least it solves the money issue at Anfield and give the new manager the badly needed funds to rebuild the team.

    I know the issue of selling Gerrard is a very sensitive issue here, but what are people's views on Mancini's comments?

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