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  • Mysteron Mysteron Dec 31, 2009 20:48 Flag

    Your hopes for a Happy LFC 2010.

    Mine are.
    1) We get 4th place.
    2) We buy a right and left back in the window and tighten up the defence.
    3) We start to ship the deadwood. This squad peeked last year, time to update.
    4) Sort out the new ground, we have got to compete.
    5) Sort out the scouting system from academy to 1st time. We are missing to many good fish.
    6) Sort out the tactics, the zonal and 4-5-1 systems are letting us down. Too predictable.

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    • Agree with most of what you have said here.
      Also agree (just how long have I been calling for this move now?)with the idea of a target man up front to help out Torres. Which of course means a total rejigging of the formation we are playing currently into a more realistic 4-4-2 or even, god forbid, 4-3-3.
      How nice would it be to see a Liverpool team take to the park looking something like this:


      With, of course Gerrard playing just behind the front 2, not really at centre forward.
      Likewise in "hard games" like Chelski, Arsenal with good midfields we'd need a defensive/holding Masch playing behind the midfield 2 but in more open games maybe Lucas could give Masch a rest and we could play a genuine 3 midfield.
      The one thing I don't agree with, and this applies to several posters in this thread, I really think given the general form in the EPL this year that we should seriously be pushing for at least 2nd again.
      Yes, we are 10 points off second but remember how quickly a 10 pt gap can be bridged. It is really just 3 contrary results.
      Chelsea - 3 draws in last 5 games, a loss in game 6.
      Chelski, Utd and Arsenal are still in ECL so pressure is only going to mount as they get further into that comp.
      Villa have had the tendency to implode in the second half of the season and their fixture list over the next month or two is far from easy.
      We all know about City's run of draws so potential there.
      And once Spurs sell PAV to us (our much needed target man) they will fall in a big hole as he starts rattling goals in faster than Torres.
      Whoops, there goes my alarm clock.
      Dream over, back to reality ;-)

    • Daniel. It wasn't a step back, it was a fall from grace that we didn't see coming after last year. However, it needs putting right game by game with realistic targets. Then review and take action at the end of the season. The target must be now 4th place.

    • I know that mysteron but that is not what this club should aspire to, we should not be in this mess. My point is that the club has taken a step back this season, we havent even stayed at the same level.

    • 1.If Rumours are True bring in Maxi and Turan
      2. Actually play some decent football.
      3. Manure,Chelski and Arse to have a massive dip in form
      4. The stadium actually start being built
      5. For Gerrard and Torres not to get injured again this season
      6. Win FA Cup (Highly unlikely judging by the form we are on)
      7. Rafa to be sacked in summer or Madrid come in with a nice compensation package and take him off our hands.
      8. Laurel and Hardy bought out
      9. Mourinhio bought in and given a slighty good transfer budget to help rebuild the squad.

      Most of these are pipe dreams but would be nice if it turned out that way.

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      • Think I can agree with at least 7 of your 9 here.

        Maxi would be nice, and I would have like Turan to come in 2 years ago. He really impressed during the Euro's, and done well at Club level also.

        Of course some more decent football would be nice, but while we're not where I or anyone wants us yet, definitly an uptick in the right direction over the last couple games.

        What Red does not like seeing the rivals have a tough time?

        Stadium is the only thing other than a very rich owner, that will allow us to compete over the long term

        Gerrard and Torres were not the only ones out causing our poor results in the first half, but if they are both healthy for the majority of the second we're bound to improve.

        FA cup, why not. If not that Europa league would be nice. What the heck, I'll take both.

        If not new owners, at least one to buy the other out, and more stability in the board room.

        I'll also add at least 4th place, although if others dip who knows.

        But if all these happen, its going to be very hard to sack Rafa, and so no need for either your number 7 or 9.

        Happy New year

    • What you said seems about right .. I'd add a target man striker up with Torres..

    • Sorry 5) should read to 1st team.