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  • 1. http://goal.com/en-gb/news/2559/rumours/2010/01/05/1725824/maxi-rodriguez-to-leave-atletico-madrid-for-liverpool-within

    The latter isn't as exciting, but the money will allow us to swoop for 24 year old Vasilis Theodoris, a Greek RB who could be around 1.5 million. Then we sell Degen. But the rest of the deal from Dossena we use on(drumroll please):


    Not as exciting as I made it sound, but i think it's a bargain at that price

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    • Considering the massive lack of a budget (maybe), those deals look to be very good.

      If we have a decent (say the 16mil we've been reported to be receiving) budget on top of what we sell we might be making a few more waves in the transfer window.

    • Parker was only a Chelsea reject because Mourinhio came in and was given a warchest and he got Essien as first choice. Parker wanted first team football so left. I am not saying he is a first team player but would be a good solid addition to the squad. You go on about his injuries, yea he's been unlucky but over the last couple of seasons he has been no more injured than say Stevie G (No not comparing them in ability as there is no contests Stevie G wins hands down). He would be good back up for Masch a much better option than say Lucas.
      Also I actually rate Upson he is a solid defender in a poor team and the way our defence have performed his addition will be a good one.

      I respects your view mate and no one is brainwashing or blinding my views, these are my own views. But thanks for the concern but serious mate there is no need. I'm okay just we have a difference of opinion on this one thats all.

    • Even though I've said many times I like seeing Stevie in the support striker role, I think I prefer your second option of pulling him back to a holding midfield position. As say its likely he'll end up there eventually to prolong his career, and we do need someone to fill Alonso's shoes in seeing the whole picture in front of him, at least until Aqualani is up to speed.

    • To be honest I don't know much about the player so not sure I can comment. Although maybe there might be some linkage with El Zhar as I believe both are Frenchmen, but have elected to play for Morroco at the international level.

      btw, don't worry about P&S, he'll never understand your tight analogy, he's only used to sloppy seconds.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Jan 6, 2010 03:54 Flag

      .....oh FWCK ME..........

      ....get out the Peanuts..............

    • How about tom huddlestone instead of parker?

      But i dont see why we are even talking about center midfielders as unless masch is sold we dont need another centre midfielder at the moment, other areas of the team need improving first.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Jan 6, 2010 02:41 Flag

      ..depends on your view..........i say blood some youngsters instead, look what Everton have done with Baxter, Coleman, Rodwell, Gosling, and before Vaughn........

      ..whilst getting in 2nd string squad players is a plaster over an old wound, it will NEVER move you forward...

      ..LFC's problem of crap youth policy and medicracy is catching up with them and they are just plugging holes in the dyke wall Lotion.......

      .....ive said for years you will not go forward until you are out of Europe and have time to rebuild and concentrate on whose good who isnt........IVE BEEN SYING IT FOR YEARS..
      ..this is your blessing in disguise...

      ...go 5 steps back to go forward again................everyone on here is getting a hard-on for next season CL..forget about it, so what, plan for the next 2-3 years ahead, build from within, blood some young lads and buy sensibly.
      I shouted seasons agao you should have had Matt Taylor for £3m, SWP for £7m, Parker went too cheap to west ham...........You should have paid £12M to Everton for Arteta and bought Anelka back when City sold him...........
      Look what Everton picked up for a song Lescott £5M, Jagielka £6M.
      Thats a total of £61M.............thats all over 2 years, shyt you would have got that back by not having that liability Mascherano and selling some dead wood............
      Job Done you wold have won the league.

      Ah well.............you live and learn....................oh, by the way a decent manager would be needed as well..........Redknapp would be all you would have needed..........everyone spouting about Mourinho and O'Neill............yeah good, but Harry was cheap as chips too...........

    • One possible spanner in the works re the Carew deal.
      Isn't someone supposedly chasing after Heskey?
      Can't see MO'N seling both his big target men off.
      Certainly more likely to sell Carew, as Heskey seems to be in favour at Villa at the moment plus he is english.
      Could be a reasonable pick up for us.
      As for Rafa having the bawls to play two up front, well he did it against Reading. If he was never going to play 2 up front why bother doing it at all? Maybe he was just testing the water to see if Nogo could cope with the pressure of partnering Torro? Or if Torro's ego could cope with having a second striker on the pitch?

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      • I heard it was Chelsea or even us who were in for Heskey. But since the reason he'd want to leave is to get first team football so he can better impress Capelo would suggest neither are ideal destinations for him. However, if Carew himself were to move on, Heskey would not need a move as surely he'd been O'Neil's first choice every game if fit. So got to assume its one or the other moving on, however I'm not sure why O'Neil would want to lighten his strike force when he's closing in on 4th place, especially as I think most agree its the fact that Villa had to light a squad that prevented them staying in the fight last season.

        On the two strikers, I'm sure Rafa would not be afraid to deploy two strikers. Reading is one example, but he has done it in the past, not so successfully when Keane was with us, but also on occasions when Crouchie was around. But I doubt it would be his first option. I'd expect he'll use it against lesser teams as an option to help break down stubborn organized defenses, or as an option to change the shape off the bench by bringing on the second striker if we're struggling.

        For me that was Crouch's role. Starts in cup games and against lesser opponents, but primarily as an option to come off the bench. But it’s because that was not enough for him, and he wanted regular team football that he would not re-sign his contract and we moved him on. So it’s as much down to the fact the ideal second striker did not want to play for us, than Rafa's choice, that we don't keep much of an option for that second striker.

        Another point, and while I know this is all paper talk, but bringing in Carew, or a player like him, makes sense if we are going for Maxi. I think the main reason we got rid of Pennant is that there is little reason to keep an out and out winger when you've not got much options to cross to. So Pennant leaving was directly tied to Crouch leaving. But if we do pick up a target man, and Carew is very useful with his head, then making sure we have players who can play wide and provide service will also be necessary.

        Actually its his aerial ability that I'd be most interested in, as our options from corners and wide free kicks has been poor, so a striker who knows how to get his head on the ball, and maybe even a center back who can do the same would be a great thing.

    • Thanks for the wake up call but sean just hear me out a minute.

      Agger is injured most of the time, Skrtel is hot and cold and Carra has made mistakes this season. I think someone like Upson or even Steven Taylor (a cheaper option) could give our defence a need kick up the arse, plus he's english.

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