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  • ajay ajay Jan 12, 2010 09:40 Flag

    So it was the Chasing of Barry that forced Alonso out

    For starters I think the idea of Barry coming to LFC was rubbish in itself and I said as much on this board. I have never rated the guy and can't believe he gets picked for England. He is average, at best and always was.
    That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
    As for the move to get him here in place of Alonso, that could have been handled so much better. As pointed out, Alonso had gone through one or two seasons where he wasn't fully fit and hence was always playing catch up. If Rafa wanted cover surely he could have negotiated on that basis - let Alonso know he was still a part of the club but we needed some back up to cover his injuries. Man management at its worst.
    As for the long drawn out fiasco it became, with the public war of words with MO'N and the back room dealings by Parry it couldn't have possibly gone any worse, could it? MO'N wanted 18 mill that our board wouldn't release but those same people were happy to let 20mill go on the Keane deal. What gives? Were there some vested interests at play here?
    I'm sure Rafa regrets how it all went pear shaped but has he learnt anything from the experience? He continues to sit on the touch line at games, scowling and frantically scribbling in his notebook. What he needs to do is get up and start cheering his team on, just like SAF, Whinger, MO'N and pretty much every other manager in the EPL. He needs to be giving his players huge pats on the back when they get substituded, publicly thanking them in front of the crowd for their great efforts.
    Does Alonso regret his move?
    A bit harder to see that one, especially in light of the huge hole we have fallen into this season.
    All I can say is I miss seeing him play. I can't stomach watching the rubbish they dish up in spain. I keep trying but about 30 minutes is all I can last.
    I hope he plays every game in the World Cup, just so we can see what might have been with him feeding Torres and Villa.