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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 12, 2010 01:21 Flag

    What if

    I agree that ultimate responsibility does have to go to the manager (as does the credit I might add) if we cannot turn things around, which is why I expect to join those calling for his head if that comes to pass. And, I understand you've had a fundamental change of heart on the boss. But I think it’s a fair proposition to give him till the end of the season, and therefore allow his to rise above, or hang himself.

    But if he is able to rise above, I think credit where credit is due. Mind you, and I don't necessarily count you in this statement, I think the more likely outcome is silence from some quarters. Its strange how some of the most frequent posters at the moment were all but non existent on these boards when we were chasing the title last season. Got a feeling if Rafa fails the volume on here will get very loud, but if he succeeds many will be either silent, or posting under different ID's.

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    • No Dave if he turns the season around I will quite happily post a thread congratulating him, but the fact is IF he does turn the season around it doesn't give him a free pass to continue managing.
      I think it his managerial techniques that is killing us.
      Read an interesting article with Alonso talking about Benitez and saying how he almost robotic with the team, there is no friendship or man management, he's the manager their the players and that's it.

      these days Dave more and more players needs man managers to get the best from them abd IMO Mourinhio and MON are two of the best around that could take on Liverpool and improve the state of our team.

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      • That is why I did count you out from the silent lot. You do come on here win or loose to post your point of view. But as you know you’re a minority amongst those who want Rafa out when it comes to posting after good results.

        On the Alonso article I think it can be read both ways. Yes he was clear on Rafa's style not having the personal touch, but he was also very clear in his respect for him as a manager also. While I agree it would be nice if Rafa had a bit more of the so called man manager skills, to be honest I think too much can be read into that line of thinking.

        Sure it would be nice to have a manager who'll put his arm around a player to get the best out of him, but sometimes it’s a boot flying across the changing room that is in order (something I also doubt Rafa would do). If these highly paid players want a bit of love, they've got model girlfriends or wives, agents that will take care of their every need, and hangers on willing to lick what ever needs moistening. But at the end of the day, its 11 lads on the pitch, and if they don't have enough character to get on with it without a fat Spaniard giving them a hug, then not sure they belong in a competitive sport, let alone Liverpool FC.