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  • To be honest Dave, I think there is a good chance we will get in to the top-four, its not a foregone conclusion by any means, but despite the sh*t season we have had, we are only 4 points off that.

    The thing for me is, the team is going backwards, not enough pace, no width, too many cr*p buys, and playing with 2 holding midfielders, not enough support for Torres etc. After 5 years the squad should be in better nick than it is, like everyone says, Spurs' squad is much better, and Redknapp has only been there a year!

    If you use the same methods you get the same results and Rafa never changes his methods!

    He should go at the end of the season full stop! We got rid of Houllier the season after finishing second, the same should happen to Rafa. I will always love the guy for Istanbul and some unforgettable nights on the way, but he has had enough time, and dare I say it, enough money! Its who we get to replace him. Mourinho would not come without guarantees of serious investment in the team, so it wouldn't surprise me if we did go for Roy Hodgson either way, Rafa has had enough time!