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  • Loki Loki Jan 12, 2010 18:32 Flag

    Joe Cole the answer to our left sided problem?

    He's available on a free this summer, its doubtful he'll be going to the World Cup coz he's not playing, and we know about his skill and pace.We do have a problem on the left and he can defo play there.

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    • I would love this one to happen loki but dont see it happening. If chelsea wont match his wage demands, i dont think we will either.

    • Yes please, but highly unlikely.

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      • His wage demands are an opening position. Anyone would start high, especially at Chelsea. Remember what Lampard and Terry are on let alone the rest.

        If he is free, he's a 15m player going for nothing. Over three years thats 96k a week. His injury record is suspect, but maybe he's been unlucky, he's not too old, and will be relatively fresh.

        A 15m player would cost 60k + in wages, so I reckon what Chelsea are offering is about the going rate. Why wouldn't we match that, perhaps structured over appearances etc?

        The key is attracting him, and he would fit in our team realy well!

    • Do you honestly think cole would leave london to come north to a team that isn't playing well, with a manager who hasn't got a clue and is owned by baseballing ice-hockey playing leeches from a country that hate football????? 150K a week might do it.

    • This is deluded. Instead of dreaming about getting star players from Chelsea that you can't afford you should first be thinking whether you will be able to keep the two players who keep your team in the top half of the division.

      Joe Cole is not going anywhere. Mark my words.


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      • He's free....so not unaffordable. Liverpool's problem isn't paying wages, its the sky high transfer fees and one off outlay's which can't be borrowed. We have turnover to support wages.

        Normally I'd agree with you about Joe Cole, but Chelsea are talking about Ribery, Di MAria, and no-one is even sure what Ancelotti makes of Joe Cole. For me Chelsea have so many central players, they need expansive width at least on one side. If I can see that, so can Ancelotti, and Joe Cole is not pacy, nor does he stay wide.

        I'm not convinced that he fits Chelsea's style of play any more, decent player that he is. He may see himself better off at a club like Liverpool, where he would be one of the higher profile players.

      • We are all allowed to dream arent we robert?

        So why are your lot being so tight fisted with little joe?

    • Come on guys, we have all seen this before, Joe Coles contract is expiring, the speculation about Liverpool, Tottenham, United is nonsense and he will have a new deal before the month is out.

    • (i) he's more likely to win trophies with Chelsea - fair enough
      (ii) he's happy at Chelsea- fair enough
      (iii) his mates are at Chelsea - fair enough
      (iv) he's a Londoner - fair enough
      (v) Liverpool's a dump - er liverpool was the '08 capital of culture cant be that bad lol
      (vi) Frank Lampard is better than Steven Gerrard - i beg to differ. In facti think the mancs would take stevie over fatboy!
      (vii) our centre-forward is not named after an ethnic fast food joint - i think torres was around before nandos and btw its ferNANDO not nando.
      (viii) when we beat Liverpool 1-0 it's always Joe Cole who scores - not happened in a while though - you beat us 2-0 instead now lol
      (ix) "he's here, he's there, he's every-f***ing where - Joey Cole, Joey Cole" is such a classier hymn than anything you've ever come up with. - f*ck me your lot can actually think of a song?! first time for everything i guess lol
      (x) Rafa Ben... [enough - Ed] - yeah fair enough