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  • RonJ RonJ Jan 14, 2010 19:02 Flag


    I think that you are even being a tad generous with the Istambul "thanks". After all we were 3 nil down before two injury substitutions forced Rafa eventually to put Didi Hamaan on, stabilize the team and allow Steven G to go forward to inspire a bunch of Gerry Houllier players with spirit and leadership....even then we needed a bit of luck.....but at least we deserved it then. Now you get the feeling that the dressing room is growing more and more dissenchanted with the set up......the Yanks, Rafa and even Sammy Lee, Peligrino and the rest. I think that now after providing the "Roy of the Rovers" inspiration on field for the past 5 years even Steven is beging to feel down and age and injuries are begining to take their toll. I have a bad feeling as to what the end of this season will bring for us. I just wish that a long time ago David Moores would have moved over to let Steve Morgan run the Club.....but then that wouldnt have put any money into his and Rick Parrys pockets would it! At least Steve Morgan was (and still is) a fan, which is more than you can say for the Yanks...they never turn up for most of the games now but lets face it, you have to be a lifelong supporter to stomach the way we are currently performing.

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    • RONALD...think quite a lot of the :lifelong supporters: u speak of that :can stomach: this kind of fare voted with their feet last night, check the attendance 31,000 .Discount the Reading fans and how many fans were actually there ?
      GET THIS CLOWNPUGWASH DOWN THE ROAD NOW!!! Appoint King Kenny ....NOW !!!