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    Gerrard and Torres - the TRUTH!

    Lads - you're already down on the ground being kicked around like a dead rat in a game of five-a-sdie in Toxteth BUT news has now broken that GERRARD (2 weeks) and Torres (2 MONTHS) are again INJURED!

    A word on this from your esteemed leader in this time of ultimate humiliation...

    These players should NOT be playing again until fully cured and should BOTH be put under the knife... as i said MONTHS ago!

    Muppets - the season is over so there's no more reason to risk these players any longer... get them operated and rehabbed on and then brought back into the fold in time for the World Cup if possible. If not TOUGH... who's to blame for that...

    YES muppets - who is to blame for this latest NIGHTMARE? FATLAD of course.

    BOTH these players could've been operated and rehabbed after last term but NO - Rafa refused... because he had NO BACK UP... now look whats happened. GERRARD and TORRES have been underperforming all season, Stevie especially is having a mare... becuase they are NOT FIT and nursing serious injuries that will not get better until operated on. FACT!

    Surely even you blind boy pugh's can SEE that this has gone on long enough and with the season done... Gerrard and Torres must be cured in time for them to play for their countries and be fit to join their NEW CLUBS thereafter.

    Stevie and Fernando deserve BETTER than what our shoddy club has given them and you damn well know it.

    It's a fcuking DISGRACE and at the core of this HUMILIATING season.


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    • I just want to talk about what is happening on the pitch and at the football club Paisley simple as that.

      The fact of theft of houses by an extreme stupid minority shouldn't be the basis of a almost personal attack on scousers themselves.

      I'm not going to deny a lot of the stuff you have said in the past and still do is solid fact but like I said mate a lot not all.

      This time we just will have to disagree mate.

    • Glyn open your BLOODY EYES lad - i've already PROVEN to you over the years that everything i've been telling you is RIGHT and it has all come true THIS season as well you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Tafty don;t let us return to the days when i had to slap you around like a red headed stepchild mate because it's a FACT that players are scared stiff of coming to merseyside because of the robberies that have occured to us and the Mancs in the region.

      Gerrard's WIFE was alone with their young kids one time and Crouchy, Keane and Alonso were ALL deeply affected by the break ins and couldn't WAIT to move on! Defoe's ex missus REFUSED to move from Herfordshire because of these heinous crimes... and WHO can blame her.

      Shame on you for casually dismissing such a shameful act towards our own players... next you'll be telling us you're up for being MODERATOR on an UNMODERATED forum when you don't even work for Yahoo mate. ahahaha

      C'mon Glynn you're better than this and you know it.... sort it out lad!

    • Hahahaa......whatever it was you think PT Barnum said.....it looks like you fcuked it up......AGAIN ! ! ! !

      'There's a born every minute' he says.

      That's up there with your famous attempt to quote Cloughie:

      'This is a game of two halfs'!

      Hahaha.....keep it up, you've been a complete w@nker on here since the day you started posting, and have subtley increased the dumb pr1ck element to your persona as well. Nice work! Very convincing.....

    • The club don't deserve this clueless manager and players-get rid of the lot and start from scratch,none of these have the right to wear the liverpool jersey,the likes of scumchester are laughin at whats goin on in Anfield-the longer the fat bearded 1 remains the better for every other club,they look like a poor 2nd division team

    • Paisley I think you are well off the mark here mate with your assumption some players don't come to the club because of the thefts of players houses.

      Paisley you are just now arguing for the sake of arguing there is no debate here, you not even talking about football anymore.

      Come on you are better than this and you know it.

    • "BUT the robberies of numerous players could possibly be a reason for some players to turn us down and go to another team on equal footing. I mean gerrard's wife was actually confronted by these sickos, that must be a scary thought for stevie. "

      EXCELLENT comments here from you Bakes. But of course this tw@t steer says it's not right to state FACTS about Liverpool or scumbags like these because Shanks built the club for the people and therefore we cannot speakl the TRUTH. Hahaha FCUK you snake!

      How ludicrously DUMB you are steer - Shankly would be beside himself with grief and anger that these LIVERPOOL lowlifes are ROBBING our own players, in their own homes in and around LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder so many players won't come or want to leave.

    • Well dave i don't really know how run down liverpool really is so i cant comment on that but i have no problem with the people of liverpool. I work with a few scousers (one's a bluenose but we can forgive him that) and they are all sound people. The thing is though do any liverpool players live in the bad areas of liverpool? I doubt it. They all live in their posh houses surrounded by other posh houses. BUT the robberies of numerous players could possibly be a reason for some players to turn us down and go to another team on equal footing. I mean gerrard's wife was actually confronted by these sickos, that must be a scary thought for stevie.

    • Hahaha, I see Dsqueer is still living in his fantasy la-la land, or DENIAL as we call it in the field!

      The ONLY Dippers fans you can really take serious here, are the ones calling for Rafa's head, and who are objective enough to honestly admit that Liverpool are utterly SH*T these days - I mean seriously, WAKEY WAKEY, you're side is a JOKE!!!

      Any Rat Muncher not publicly making it clear that Rafa needs to go does NOT care for the club - FACT.

      I mean why would any top player want to join a team that hasn't won the title in TWO decades, and will be scrapping it out at the bottom of the table when Gerrard retires and Torres leaves...which aint exactly far away!?

      United will LAWAYS be first pick, for obvious reasons, Francenal are an attractive alternative even though they dont really win anything anymore, unfortunately for the world class expensive players its not a realistic option, so that leaves City or Chelski, where they can earn BILLIONS.

      Otherwise its La Liga, Serie A or Bayern, Liverpool just DONT feature any more, and their ancient history is becoming so distant a memory even thats failing to entice anyone!




    • No, it was to Kopalot as he said he supports everything P&S says, but think anyone who supports the Mighty Red Men might want to ask themselves if they agree with P&S's number one reason why he thinks top player should not come to Merseyside.

      I know I don’t agree with him, but I think only Rafalution is the only other person who’s made a comment on this one.

    • is that to me dave?

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