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  • Mysteron Mysteron Jan 15, 2010 02:34 Flag

    One for all the doom and gloom merchants and the outsiders.

    Call yourself fans, you've given up with half the race to go. It doesn't matter where we finish, the team needs support and encouragement. Not what has been offered on here. The outsiders need to butt out.

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    • as i said i do not want him gone now as i can't see it making the situation any better. but i am resigned to the fact that odds are he will not be with us next season. i have never wished for any manager to leave us, but i'm not going to pretend that it isn't the most likely outcome.

    • Ian. I understand your post and believe me I am hurting. However, there is nothing to be gained by sacking Rafa now. There is no money, no ownership and no direction. Unfortunately that will mean no 4th place.

    • there really needs to be a balance i feel. I get slated by some of my housemates for getting behind the team and giving them support regardless of the results etc, but at the same time there comes a point where you can't see the wood for the trees and stick rigidly to your own view without regard for others. I openly state that i want rafa here till the end of the season because i don;t think it will make a blind bit of difference changing manager now, but i will also say that serious questions must be asked and he should most likely be moved on come seasons end. That does not mean however that i will not give my all in support of the club which does for the time being include rafa, the board and the players. I guess what I am saying is everything in moderation- don't follow blindly, but also don't renounce your support over your feelings about one man.

    • hahha...'We at LFC' he says??

      Tell you what else 'We at LFC' obviously do if we are meant to take this a55hole seriously. When times are tough at the club, we toss in years of support, jump ship to the enemy, drop our pants for them and (as he did) get told to p1ss off! After a good rogering over there of course!

      I couldn't give a toss how right or wrong you are about anything going on at LFC. You are no fan of this club, never have been. Just here on the p1sstake.

      Jumping ship to the Mancs was THE classic c0ck up on here of all c0ck ups that exposed you for what you really are and you damn well know it.....CRET1N ! ! !

    • ahahaha AHAHAHAHAHA - somebody hand this plastic po'of a box of tissues, he's crying like a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Pizz off cobber you always were and still are as WEAK as water - everything we at LFC DESPISE ya PVC w@nker. hahahahahahaha

      Taxi for the dingo!!!

    • iceman.....still banging on about that I see.

      Look I don't give two sh1ts what you or anyone one here things about my commitment to LFC, whether I'm a TYUEupporter or not blah blah. It means jack sh1t.

      BUT this avatar cr@p you and the prize pr1ck keep going on about just makes me laugh. Not weeks after I joined these boards, and they were infested by complete tw@ts like dogs and the prize pr1ck and their various personas, most of them circling around the fact I, as an Aussie, had an Aussie player in my avatar who happened to play for Everton.

      Why did I give a sh1t about the state of these boards? Call it newbie naivety. Ask me to change it now, or anyone else for that matter, and you'll get a proverbial bare @ss to kiss.

      Keep tossing it back in my face if you like......means jack. Just like this place does.

      Except to sad losers who care about integrity on a message forum, eh......

    • "It doesn't matter where we finish"

      I think it does. Finish fourth and you start next season afresh. Write off this one. Finish fifth or below and you're not in the CL. You'll lose huge credibility, lots of money and maybe some or all of your best players.


    • Sorry mysteron but there is a difference between supportng the club and supporting the manager. In my opinion the best for the club is for rafa to leave and to get in a new manager. Your entitled to your opinion mate but is everyone else and the majority says he must go. As i said, nothing wrong with you having a difference of opinion thought mate but dont think everyone has given up on the club just because we think the time is right to bring in a new manager.