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  • Mysteron Mysteron Jan 15, 2010 04:36 Flag

    One for all the doom and gloom merchants and the outsiders.

    Think the credibility has already gone robert, however, it will be worse if the team isn't suppported.

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    • Its weird how over the last few years, theres this 'if you criticise players/management, then you're not a supporter and can go support someone else' kind of argument. I can only assume its due to the internet allowing one and all a platform because in the '90s, no-one was above criticism. We'd go on and sing and support but if someone had a stinker and a cr*p season, everyone would just say, or at least talk about it without resorting to daft insults.

      Another thing I don't get is the blind affinity to Benitez. Souness won a sh*tload for us as a player but there wasn't this unquestionable devotion to him like some folk seem to have for Rafa.(I don't condemn OR blindly back the current gaffer, I just think the whole situation's just one massive f*ck up top to bottom).

      In short, if a player(s) has a nightmare or a manager drops a boll*ck then thats what they've done and should be criticised. Its not wrong to say 'so and so has been awful this season' if thats the case but its plain daft to pay for a season ticket at todays prices and blindly accept the standard of football we're seeing at Anfield this season.

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      • Quality post from you Ad - spot on and a shame you aren;t on here much these days lad... BUT don't be fooled by the plastic aussie gobshyte ABO!

        The FACT that he still whines like a p'ussy about being called out as a POSER fan and HIDES in the shadows on here tells you what a fcuking SNAKE this loser is.

        He has various fake ids including Wayward Warrior on here and admits to only watching EPL matches at... CRAVEN COTTAGE. hahaha

        Of course it's rather apt Ad that you have a picture of Keegs on your avatar seeing as this FAKE abo told us CRAIG JOHNSTONE had the best curly perm in Liverpool history... because PVC w@nkers like him dont know that Keegan and Terry McDermott played for the club ahahahaha

        You can't make it up!!!!!!!!!!

        ^twitch twitch^ abo

      • Top post Ad, a-bloody-men to it.

        There have been complete noobs on here who've accused me of being a Manc in the past, just because I dared taint some posts with the slightest hint of criticism towards the club, or it's fans. We're talking a couple of years ago now.

        Yep, total gobshytes who bigged themselves up on here by saying 'they weren't fooled' by me, and that I can't possibly be a supporter if I express any kind of negative opinion about anyone associated with the club.

        Who gives a toss at the end of the day about how you're perceived on a internet forum. It's just amusing that the stereotype you suggest exists, and these idiots claim that you can't be a supporter of the club unless you back them blindly all the time.....

      • Ad, Nobody is saying its blind faith. When you make mistakes at work, does your boss get the best out of you by yelling at you. No. Yes it is truly a mess from top to bottom, but..