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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 15, 2010 05:13 Flag

    Excited about Maxi Give over

    Oh that makes it better...... that is worse you only give away a race horse because it did not reach its potential and it cost too much to feed not brining in any winning If he was any good they would have sold him when he was under contract or resigned him. My point is it has come down to us getting excited over other teams rejects any player worth thier salt is gonna cost so why all the excitment......

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    • Because he's a good player. Have you actually ever seen him play? He's better than what we have at the moment. We are going for cheap or free players because we can't afford any more. People are excited because we NEED something to be excited about at the moment...as i'm sure you know we are playing sh1t and have been knocked out of practically everything so there isnt much else to get excited about.