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  • chris n chris n Jan 15, 2010 20:01 Flag

    Who is best to replace Benitez?

    Please don;t get me wrong, I am no benitez hater and I don;t even want him out but he has had the same time as Houlier had and has not taken us very far forward and although I would thank him for his service I do think sooner or later his chance will be up.

    So that brings me to ponder who could come in and ake a difference short and long term and not spend a few years rebuilding like the last two managers.

    Guus Hiddink - would be my choice right now if Rafa was to go mid season, he is quality, out of work and would have the players respect.

    Mouriniho - would be my first choice to come in in the summer if we kept rafa until then, I don;t think he would come if we were not in the CL though so it is a long shot, he would also get the respect of the players and I don;t see him remaining in italy past this season.

    Roy Hodgeson - not really an exciting prospect I know but would be the best english/british hope to get us back where we should be. Plus he only has 18 months left on his Fulham contract so compensation would be minimal.

    Other names being banded about like Mcleish, Klinsmann, Laudrup and Keegan would not be a move forward for me.

    Any thoughts???

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    • Ok - well, in that case, Hiddink is a name to be thrown in the ring. However, I think I would prefer to see somebody within the Anfield circles to be appointed. That was the way it was done in the old days, and that should be the way its done now. Kenny Dalglish is available, and perhaps somebody like Steve Nicol (if he is able to come back from the USA), Ian Rush or Jan Molby would be perfect as an assistant manager.

    • I happen to believe that Capello is the best manager in the world, and he might fancy making us great again. Look what he's done to England! He might want to play Stevie on the left though! If not him, then Mourinho, who wants to leave Inter this summer. WOuld he come without guarantees about dosh though?

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      • At this moment in time, the only person who is available (and wouldn't cost the earth) that would be able to do a decent job is Kenny Dalglish. He knows the club inside out, has the respect of the players, and has won titles before.

        If it transpires that he doesn't want to do the job on a long term basis, then he can be appointed on a temporary basis, with a view to finding a long term replacement in the Summer.

        Realistically, Benitez will not walk on his own accord, and getting rid of him will be costly. While things haven't been going well for us recently, the decent thing to do is to back him until at least the end of the season and then assess the position then. I find little or no value in sacking him mid-way through the season - that isn't the Liverpool way.

    • You need to keep your money to pay off Benitez and buy some players, so you need someone cheap. That obviously rules out all ex-Chelsea managers.

      My suggestion is hire Graeme Souness. He'd be cheap. But you'd have to do the opposite of everything he says.


    • I agree with you here chris. I think hiddink in the short term would be our best option...if he wants it long term though he can have the job. If not then mourninho would be my first choice but like you say, he isnt going to come without champions league football. So my reserve choice would be hodgson. Has worked wonders at fulham and has been around for years so I am sure he has a few contacts around europe that can gets us good players that we may not have found otherwise.