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  • Vicks Vicks Jan 16, 2010 17:07 Flag

    steven gerrard

    in the papers today 16/01/2010 it says that gerrard wants to leave.he wants to win some trophies,as every one seems to blame benitez for the situation,he only picks the team for match days,all the payers should shoulder some of the blame,as captain gerrard should be motivating the players on the pitch,which is one thing he doe's not do,he never seems to be talking to the players,if he wants to win trophies i suggest that he starts being a captain and motovate his team after all when they are on the pitch he is captain and should be telling the players to pull together.as we are at the moment a 2 man team.so when kick off comes gerrard should get the players playing as a team and not as idividuals,lucas is a player that should go and give babel a start every game as i see him as one of LFC's best players.

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    • err are you feeling all right. Your post is pretty bizarre!!

      Firstly gerrard isnt playing today so not sure how he is supposed to get them playing as a team when hes sat in the stands.

      And in Gerrards defence this team needs a bit more than pulling togethor. You could argue that the quality of this liverpool side is the worst of any liverpool team gerrard has played in since he broke into the side.

      Also how is lucas going to let babel have his place. He isnt the manager!!!!

      oh and this quote made me laugh

      "as every one seems to blame benitez for the situation,he only picks the team for match days"

      im afraid the buck stops at the manager in football son, thought you might of learnt that by your age. i mean if 7-8 players play crap on a regular basis during a season. Is it the players fault for not winning anything or the managers fault for buying them and playing them?

      one question for you Vicks. Are you Rafa yourself coming on here trying to save some face with a fake id?