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    "1 day, you will see what I'm capable of, Rafa"

    "will it be at LFC or somewhere else...I have faith." Said Ryan Babel.

    I'm not a fan of the diving cunt Babel but this Liverpool fan ( Bow) on Eurosport summed up the current situation at Anfield perfectly for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    "Think its time Rafa moved on, never mind Babel!! Mark­ Hughes was doing OK at City, he was drawing to many­ games, like we did last season. Then they replace him­ with Mancini and he goes on a 5 + games stint unbeaten,­ and with the same team as Hughes had? Coincidence? I­ think not, good management skills more like, and­ something that seems to be lacking at Liverpool, you­ can see it in the team, they look deflated, and thats a­ team that finished seconded in the league last seasn,­ like Torres said he thought it was going to be a season­ were liverpool took off again. But at this rate we will­ end up in 17, nevermind 7th!! Ferguson scares his­ players in playing harder, they have a weak team this­ year but are still in 2nd! And chelsea scalp more­ managers then an apache!! Time we followed suit,­ can't be all the yanks faults. Time for a mass­ clean up!!"

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