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  • Loki Loki Jan 21, 2010 04:57 Flag

    The difference in this game to others

    1) Passing is quicker and more accurate
    2) Hunting the ball in packs when we haven't got it
    3) They look like they want the result for a change

    Not testing the keeper enough again but it is better than it has been all season!

    PS Hope I haven't given the kiss of death here!

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    • Not sure about the 1st and 3rd points, but definitely agreed on the 2nd point. It was this quality that made them look great last season. They won the back quickly and disrupted the opponent flow. This was missing in many of the games this season.

    • As for point 2, the match commentator (can't remember who it was) made an interesting point about this very thing.
      This is exactly how we play at home, pressing the ball right from their defenders in their own half.
      Maybe we should adopt this tactic for away games, as well.
      We certainly looked like we meant it today.
      Another very interesting point I picked up from watching this game on tele - the crowd at Anfield still seem to be fully in support of Rafa - huge flags bearing his image, signs with his name.
      He sings the song, too at the start. For a guy who I think may get easily embarassed this is a huge statement of his intent for the club.
      And the players, backs to the wall, minus their super stars - they certainly seemed to be playing for Rafa and the club today.
      Maybe there is still reason to be hopeful, after all.

    • I think the fact that we didn't give up going for the second goal when our normal form would be to just sit back on our heels till the opposition got it, very commendable.

      We also didn't give up the possesion as frequently as normal and when they had possesion we defended as a team going back to get the ball and didn't leave the strikers to fend for themselves up front.

      Thats how we want to see Liverpool set out for in the future, we won't win all of 'em but it won't be lost through lack of trying.