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  • chris n chris n Jan 21, 2010 17:32 Flag

    Looking to the next 4 games

    Forget about the woeful cup campaignes and look at the last 4 prem games Wolves, Villa, Stoke and Spurs we have 3 wins and 1 draw and that has put us right back in the mix for the CL spots and I think the next 4 games will be crucial for us to push into that spot and make it our own.

    We have Wolves (A), Bolton (H), Everton (H) and Arsenal (A) up next before we play our first loser league game. We really should be getting 9 points from the first three and then anything against Arsenal at the emirates is a bonus??? I would be very happy with 10 points out of those 12. Would every one agree??

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    • I have I backtracked? Go on explain. Show where I admitted to being under the thumb.

      You make it up as you go along dont you. Do you even know what you're saying?

      Aww i know what it is, your boyfriend isnt putting out is he? As he told you to get back in the kitchen? Aww bless.

    • Yeah yeah start backtracking now Avon lady... need a shovel lad so you can dig yourslef a deeper hole? hahahhaa

      You're under the fcuking thumb mate and YOU admitted to it. You don't do fcuk all unless you get PERMISSION - God, i HATE cowards boy and you are as yellow as a double yellow line, dsteer and loki... Here's the best piece of advice you'll ever get Bakes - a woman's place is in the kitchen and in the bedroom son. REMEMBER that and fcuking well GROW A PAIR!

    • blah blah blah i see you speaking but you're just not saying anything.

      Dont tell me p&s you slap your mrs down whenever she questions you? or if she wants to stick corrie on? Its called a bit of give and take mate...i watch the footy when its on, she watches whatever she wants when its not! simple as.

    • Aww well look at this... a cute lil GIRLY chat between two p.ussy whipped POO'Fs - Baker and Freeloader ahahahaha

      You could excuse a WIMP like Bakes becuase he's just a snot-nosed KID who doesn't know any better - no surprise seeing as he didn't know Emlyn Hughes was England Captain but this sad c.nut FREELOADER makes my skin crawl.

      34 years old - never been married, so is a fcuking CRADLE ROBBER because he's too immature to find a real woman his own age. You only have to LOOK at his pathetic situation to see he's shacked up with a fcuking KID using him for a free ride and driving lessons... hehe it won't last six months. Fcuking chicken hawk is SICK in the head!

      Jog on you both you losers and keep showing us what little no-life WIMPS you both are.

    • hahaha i might try that actually, i'm sure it can give you a few laughs lol to be fair i've taught her the offside rule and she her favourtie player is yossi - i mean she cant like him cos of his looks can she lol

      i took her to a pre-season game and she loved it, singing you'll never walk alone and everything.

      But saying all that she does still moan if the footy clashes with one of her girly programmes lol

    • Whats annoying is that I took her to a game once and I think she pretty much spent half the time texting and half the time being tought the offside rule with not much success (i need a condiments set to explain it fully). What a waste on money that was. ;oD

      Shes getting better but she gives girly nicknames to the players like Dadondadon For Dossena (thank god hes gone) and Banksey for Aquilani (her mums cat). I find suprising her with a pop quiz on who scored makes her pay attention a bit more than normal.

    • eloader sounds a bit like my girlfriend, accept with her bloody americas next top model...and canadas and britiaisn...it's a bloody joke there's so many of them lol she doesn't mind the footy to be honest, although she does have a go at me as i've made he actually take an interest in it..it's quite funny seeing a girl shout at the tv lol

    • God damn it we went to IKEA last weekend....is that the start? ;oD

      She's quite understanding of my love for Liverpool FC and she does sometimes watch games with me since Aquilani looks like her mums cat. ;oD

      Anyway, I watch football and she watches Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City and all that tripe. So we have an understanding in place.

    • Normally with the form were in i would be jumping up and down, with 9/12. but look at arsenal's games bbefore they play us. i think it was villa, chelsea, and mu. i mean with that kinda schedule they should be a little tired, so we can take at least a point right? Anyway it was nice to be a LFC fan after the spurs game. We took the game to them and no body could say we didnt deserve it

    • i think you will get 7 points only out of those 4 games win win draw loss

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