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  • Loki Loki Jan 22, 2010 06:45 Flag

    Funny how P*ssley disappears after a win!

    Isn't it?

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    • PSREDPOOL...I recall the Arsenal side that GG played for under BERTIE MEE manager and DON HOWE coach mate. Why do u think GG moved around so much in his management career other tha the fact he was so :dodgy: ? Because he was so dull his tactics would put u to sleep and the fans.....didnt want any of it in the end ! Funnily enough its the same situation at our club right now ....waiting for the dismissal odf Pugwash before we can move on into a new and more successful era.

    • jose is simply a c"nt.


    • ahahaha AHAHAHAHA - "too busy tripping over his own brand of pompusness" lol YES he is a pompous little plastic twerp isn't he. However you missed out the TRUE analogy iceman - I'm the spider and steer is the FLY ahahaa

      Caught out LYING about being to Anfield and "watching the lads" - he also THINKS he saw them "more away than at home"... he "THINKS"??!! - and THEN i see he is now denying he lives in the place he TOLD us he did and even had listed on his profile... wtf? Does the proven LIAR perhaps not even live in Yankland now he's divorced... hmm, moved back to Brizzle a FAILURE when his father passed on perhaps and living in a complete FANTASY WORLD- I wonder............. hehehehehehe


    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Jan 23, 2010 18:37 Flag

      ...........Lotion, he cant help it............its like a lame dog bringing back his bone to his master..........the little tyke loves him till his dying day and will do ANYTHING to try and gain his approval....

      ....its like the draw of a magnet, he cant resist and will do anything to seek recognition from one he knows is FAR superior...........though will never admit it...

      ...this is were his achilles heal is, though he cant even see it himself as he is too bhusy tripping over his own brand of pompusness he fails to see tht what he accuses The Pharoah of, he himself is applying exactly the same tactics , just aunder a different guise...................
      ...and he loves it when all the other little lambs follow.............thats really what he feeds off........

      ....hes playing a losing battle trying to be the one that conquers P&S...........i see stress, ulcers and depression forming in his every post.........not good signs mate.

    • But Dave just ignore him, don't rise to it. okay you don't swear back at him and try to be diplomatic but even then he just hurls abise back at you. Just let it go over your head and try and talk about what really matters (the football) with people you know that will give you constructive answers back

    • Tell me that wasn't directed at me Loki?

    • Seems you were wrong Loki. Funny that we did get a few hours of peace which allowed a few football posts to be seen, but the fool just can't help himself, so has jumped back on the boards. But without a poor result to brag about the posts just become more and more abusive and personal in nature, and unfortunately for those who want to talk football, that is not funny at all.

    • allow jose to tell you what's even funnier.... it's how muppets like you and ba5tard all disappeared right after jose was PROVEN correct..... and benitez was found out!!! you lot slagged jose off for showing you the truth that rafa tw@t had been dining out on istanbul and is a good-for-nothing no-talent waste of space and not the amazing tactician that you lot made him out to be....... when you slagged jose off and got him deleted, but then when jose was proven right, you tw@ts disappeared.... now THAT was FUNNY!!! he who laughs last laughs loudest....... now join your ASTUTE and VISIONARY marquis in driving this fat f*ck out of lfc... obrigado!!1

    • Look i really dont like the guy but this thread is playing right into his hands, this is what he wants...the board is talking about him even when he isnt posting. Next time we lose and he shows up again he will be gloating about the fact that a thread has been set up in his honour. I say just ignore him and get on with discussing footy with the more civilized members of the board.

    • No it's surprise me at all just proves what fake he/she is..

      If they were a fan they'd be singing LFC's praises.. their absence speaks volumes..

      Sooner people stop communicating with the fake fan P&S the better.. then our board will be featuring fans and not fakes...

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