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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 23, 2010 22:14 Flag

    Funny how P*ssley disappears after a win!

    ahahaha AHAHAHAHA - "too busy tripping over his own brand of pompusness" lol YES he is a pompous little plastic twerp isn't he. However you missed out the TRUE analogy iceman - I'm the spider and steer is the FLY ahahaa

    Caught out LYING about being to Anfield and "watching the lads" - he also THINKS he saw them "more away than at home"... he "THINKS"??!! - and THEN i see he is now denying he lives in the place he TOLD us he did and even had listed on his profile... wtf? Does the proven LIAR perhaps not even live in Yankland now he's divorced... hmm, moved back to Brizzle a FAILURE when his father passed on perhaps and living in a complete FANTASY WORLD- I wonder............. hehehehehehe