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    Team against Wolves next Wednesday.

    I'd hope for something of a similiar performance against a side whom I class as very weak, no need for us to be too cautious defensively, hope fully for me we'll see a little more attack minded starting eleven in this game.

    Here's the eleven I'd hope for:

    Degen Carragher Kyrgiakos Insua
    Lucas Mascherano
    Rodriguez Aquilani Riera

    Subs: Cavalieri Darby Skrtel Pacheco Ngog Eccleston Spearing.

    A few weeks back Kyrgiakos' name wouldnt even have entered my mind, in games against the likes of Wolves or any team that are of a physical nature then he's in front Skrtel and Agger at the moment, hopefully another 3 points on the board and both Villa and Spurs drop more points in midweek.

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    • I agree mate, i would love to see him smash one into the top corner but he just doesnt seem to have the confidence to do so. I dont know why though as this has been his best and most consistent run in the team. Someone needs to have a word and tell him to have a dig.

    • Your right, it was a lovely goal, and I remember he seemed quite chuffed afterwards. I'd like to see a little more of that, and especially during games like last night where we were just providing the quality final ball into the box. We've seen Masch put his foot through a couple that have ended up in row zz, so see no harm in letting Lucas try the same. He can't do any worse.

    • Exactly what was said on TalkSport yesterday on my way home from work.

    • ...hmmm.....not only did they not push forward they had a nosebleed when they approached the half way line....the gap between our mid-field and SG is further than i go on my holidays...still for those people who saw it coming and lumped intothe draw........

    • Agree with the formation. Who would've thought of that line up at the beginning of the season? Amazing!

    • Try lfcglobe. Go to the links for mediaplayer and the first 2-3 are generally good quality. They sometimes freeze but you just go onto another link until that ones freezez then go back to the original. Better than the radio mate

    • How about another radical suggestion?
      I know Rafa would never dream of playing a formation like this but for those of us with imagination, just tgry playing the game out mentally with this side on th park:
      Sus: Masch, Degen, Aurelio, Nogo, Pacheco, Darby, Cav
      We expect to beat Wolves. I may have to eat my words on this but at the moment I think most Liverpool fans would garee with that sentiment.
      So let's try a really attacking formation just to start with. We can always go more defensive if it looks like going pear shaped. Who knows, if we go out looking like this maybe the players will lift yet another gear from last game.
      A couple of positional choices:
      Carra at RB - actually impressed last game and whole defense looked more like a unit for the first time in ages. Degen in reserve, just in case they unearth some speed machine down their left flank.
      Kyrgiakos at CB - currently much better value than Agger. Currently. Maybe Agger will come good eventually.
      Lucas??!!$#@% I hear you all shout. Yes. We want to be attacking so no place in my team for Masch. Bring him on if it all goes tits up but don't start him. Lucas actually used to look the goods at right mid before he came to us. Look on You Tube.
      Kuyt is only there temporarily. I expect Nogo to come on at about 60 minutes in this game and Torres to start there when he is fit.
      As I said, Rafa would NEVER play a team like this but one can dream.

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      • I like this, and if we could get a goal early, this could really send the right signals through the team to help them build confidence, which I think is our number one problem at the moment.

        But, I can see 2 big problems with it. First your right, Rafa is never going to go with it. I think the closest he'd come is Lucas (or more likely Masch) sitting behind Aqua and Stevie.

        And, that is the second problem. If we went with this line up, it should encourage Lucas to get forward, as I think your idea is that both Lucas and Aqua get forward into the channels, while Gerrard directs the play. However, while I think or at least hope, Lucas is capable of that role, he's been trained for the last number of years to work an assignment, and be disciplined in his play. That is not necessarily a bad thing in a the development of a young player, but when given a role like this, I think hid tendency now will be to defer to his midfield partners, and hold back his runs.

      • Would swap Lucas for Masch and Insuia for Aurellio Ajay but then that would be a tasty line up.

    • if gerrard is available i would like to see lucas on the bench,or bring maxi in to the team and give it a more attacking midfield look to it,

    • Might swap Aurellio with Insua but bar that addidas I would go with the same line up.

    • True that!

      You wish, at the very least, that they could test the keeper and hope for a lucky deflection or the ball dropping to one of our attackers.

      You hear about the time spent honing skills from the likes of Beckham (free kicks), the Nevilles (throw-in distance) and Crouchie (bicycle kicks) and wonder whether Masch and Lucas should dedicate a decent part of training to shooting or, god forbid, stay after training and do it.

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