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  • eloader eloader Jan 22, 2010 19:01 Flag

    Gerrard Back early.


    A timely boost for us to be sure but I think we seriously need to consider wrapping him in cotton wool for a few games after all he's a better player 100% fit rather than using a 80% fit Gerrard.

    I want to see the rest of the squad keep the fighting spirit going in the meantime. We can put ourselves in the position were we arn't looking to bring him back early because of ANOTHER poor result. We are looking at maximum points against Wolves and Bolton which is very achieveably given our current mini revival.

    Hopefully when he does come back he'll be the Gerrard of old and not the Gerrard of this season.

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    • It's a tough call for the manager, isn't it?
      If Rafa does take the seemingly sensible option of resting SG for the next two games how many people on here will then slam him if we happen to not win both games?
      Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.
      Just remember this thread in two weeks time if Rafa does rest SG and then things don't turn out 100% rosy.
      Personally I would be tempted to rest him against Wolves and play him against Bolton. Our next EPL game after Bolton is Everton and it might be good if SG has one game under his belt rather than stepping into that game cold.
      As E said, a 100% fit SG is better than an 80% fit SG but I really doubt if having both extra weeks off now will help that much. I think his injury problems may be a lot deeper than he or the club are letting on. Just look at his form this year. He is hardly taking games by the throat these days, is he?

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      • Fatman doesn't have the luxury of resting him anymore, yet SG and Torres have played numerous times at 80% or below, meaning you have not kept pace.

        Too heavily reliant upon one or two players. A bit like us with Fabregas, and RVP. Just as well our other players have played well enough to keep us in the race so far.

        You're right though. Rafa maybe damned if does, and damned if he doesn't.

    • I agree we should give him time to ease back in if he is not 100% put him on the subs bench and use him only if we need to....

    • Leave him be for the next 2 games for me, which will give him around 2 week to get back into things and have him either start against Everton or on the bench.

      Hopefully when he's back we see him drop back into the void left by Alonso as we discussed yesterday ;).