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    Dalglish is the greatest.

    Something most of us Liverpool fans have always known to be true.

    Kenny Dalglish has been named as the greatest striker British football has seen since the Second World War by Four Four Two magazine.

    The iconic Scot beat off competition from Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry, Jimmy Greaves and John Charles to land the prestigious accolade in February's edition of the publication.

    A further nine Liverpool players were included in the overall top 50, with Ian Rush the Reds' second highest on the list in seventh position.

    Kevin Keegan was next in 20th, followed by 'Sir' Roger Hunt at 24.

    Current Anfield star Fernando Torres landed 29th position, just ahead of John Toshack (31), Michael Owen (33) and Billy Liddell (36).

    The man known as 'God' on the Kop, Robbie Fowler, came in 41st place and John Aldridge completed Liverpool's presence in the half century by securing 48th.

    The top 50 in full

    1. Kenny Dalglish
    2. Eric Cantona
    3. Thierry Henry
    4. Jimmy Greaves
    5. John Charles
    6. Stan Mortensen
    7. Ian Rush
    8. Wayne Rooney
    9. Denis Law
    10. Henrik Larsson
    11. Dennis Bergkamp
    12. Nat Lofthouse
    13. Didier Drogba
    14. Jackie Milburn
    15. Geoff Hurst
    16. Gary Lineker
    17. Alan Shearer
    18. Tommy Lawton
    19. Mark Hughes
    20. Kevin Keegan
    21. Lawrie Reilly
    22. Tommy Taylor
    23. Gianfranco Zola
    24. Roger Hunt
    25. Bobby Smith
    26. Steve Chalmers
    27. Ruud van Nistelrooy
    28. Wilf Mannion
    29. Fernando Torres
    30. Teddy Sheringham
    31. John Toshack
    32. Trevor Francis
    33. Michael Owen
    34. Francis Lee
    35. Brian Clough
    36. Billy Liddell
    37. Dwight Yorke
    38. Ian Wright
    39. Ally McCoist
    40. Don Revie
    41. Robbie Fowler
    42. Joe Jordan
    43. Ray Crawford
    44. Andy Gray
    45. Allan Clarke
    46. Jack Rowley
    47. Andy Cole
    48. John Aldridge
    49. Trevor Ford
    50. Duggie Reid

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    • what happened to Ronnie Allen on this so called list.... 234 goals in 458 appearances for WBA.....maybe he's too old for consideration 'cos they wernt called strikers in them days.... just a centre forward

    • LPOOL2006200...You state of KK :he didnt stayat Blackburn too long: he stayed sufficient tiem to win them the EPL how long has Fatlad pUGWASH had with us to do same six seasons mate !!!!!! If u want to and arte determined to slag off one of the finest football talents to ever grace a pitch then maybe u should be quoting his time at Newcastle...perhaps that would get it done for u. Question what reperesents the better option for u...getting rid of Pugwash and appointing KK now to try and salvage whats left of our season or sticking with Fatlad Pugwash ?

    • No Ajay way off the mark, Kenny admitted that the turmoil of Hillsborough was just so fresh he had to leave. You have to remember that Kenny didn't have to go to all these funerals but he did out of his respect of the fans.
      Just look at last years memorial service, when he stood up to read his bit. The fans gave the biggest roar of the day and most of the where the victims families showing their respect and thanks for the man who did so much for them personally.

      He went to Blackburn because of his desire to keep managing but he just couldn't do it at the time at Liverpool anymore.
      Oh and on his Blackburn managerial time, didn't do bad did he. Won the title we still crave for with a team that on papaer you just couldn't believe was capable of doing it.
      He did have one advanatge an up and coming striker name of Shearer.

      If he came back he would have that desire again he would want to be the man to bring us number 19.

      The guys should always been considered as a man who could take the management job as to even think he isn't capable is a bit of an insult to the great man really.

      I can understand your arguements, but they are not really solid constructive ones. No offence.

    • I think comparing Blackburn and Liverpool is a bit off.
      Liverpool is the club he has always loved and always will.
      You mention one game, do you remember the team with players like Beardsley,Aldo,Barnes,Rush,Nicol,Molby,Stauton,Jones,Grobbelar.
      We were awesome attacking team, yes a couple of players he inherited from the great Bob Paisley.
      But Kenny was a great manager for us (but even he can have an off game for us).

      Look at the Legend that is Shankly didn't win zip for a few years but once he built the foundations look at us then he built the basis for what Liverpool became. The greatest football team on the planet.

      Then Bob perfected Shankly's formula.
      Fagan played his part in honouring Liverpool as it should be.
      Kenny kept us winning.

      Only when Kenny Left the team went downwards.

      Then thanks to Souness,Evans, Houllier (has a little reprieve for the treble of 2001 and also giving us McCalister) and now Rafa we have done nothing but step back.

      We need Kenny to stop where we are heading and put us back going forward (if just for the short term).

      No one should ever forget how much that man has done for this club and how much he loves this club.

    • This is an interesting little side issue that perhaps requires it's own thread.
      When people were calling for King Kenny to step in and take over the reins from Rafa "right now" I remember making a similar reply to yours, LPool about KD's desire to manage again after his "bad experience" (aka meltdown).
      I hadn't considered the Hillsborough incident and it's effect on him. That puts the whole thing in a slightly different light, doesn't it?
      Or does it?
      Was this the beginning of KD's demise or had it already started?
      Was there more going on behind the scenes that we didn't and still don't know about?
      After resigning from Liverpool and football management in general in Feb 91 why was it that in Oct 91 he was back and managing Blackburn for 4 years and then Newcastle for another 2? And then back to Celtic for a year to finish off?
      Did someone get back room power at Anfield around 90/91 who is no longer there at the club? Hence his return?
      It all sounds a little bit murky to me now that I look back at some of the timing of events, especally in the cold light of day, sans the emotional upheaval.
      Or am I just indulging my paranoid, conspiratorial side?

    • Where the hell is Stevie?

    • And Fowler one place bove Joe Jordan???
      And Ally McCoist above Fowler???

      Just goes to show. Ask ten people for a top 50 and you will get 10 different answers.

      Maybe Fowler isn't higher because he left and was never prolific at other clubs like he was at liverpool. Shearer was superb for Southampton,Blackburn and Newcastle.............maybe that's the difference between the very good and the great???

    • Couple of raised eyebrows. Robbie the God Fowler in at 41.

      Rooney ahead of Drogba?

      I would of put Henry in front of Cantona, but tbf I can understand why, Cantona was arragonce personified but he was bloody good at it. Also a brilliant footballer to boot as well.

      Glad to see El Nino ahead of traitor Owen.

      Another surprise was Shearer not in the top ten? That's the biggest shock.

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      • The Shearer one is interesting, isn't it?
        On form shown over Torres total time with us I am afraid I would have to pick Shearer way ahead of Torres in any wish team I was putting together.
        Shearer is exactly the type of player we need right now to shelter Torres and allow him to shine. Shearer had the bulk to keep most/all CB at bay, he had th brain and ball skills to lay the ball off to teammates and he had the true golascorers sharpnes to bury - and I do mean bury with that shot of his - any 1/4 chance that came his way.
        The trouble with these types of polls, the same as music polls on the radio is that whatever is in fashion right now gets lots of votes from all the teenie boppers who have no history to judge things by. There should be a rule that anyone who has played less than, say 5 years (or 10?) or maybe anyone still currently playing should not be allowed in the poll yet. Once they have shown consistency over a number of years then they can be considered for this sort of honour. And let's face it, it is an honour to be ranked highly in these sorts of polls that get published nationally, almost regardless of who it is that put the poll together.
        Don't know exactly how this one was composed but if it was anything like the music polls on radio you have milllions of teenys voting for their current throb of the week but then next week they have all changed their minds and "love" some new bozzo.
        So, for mine people like Torres, Rooney, Drogba and Henry shouldn't be included in this type of poll just yet. In the future they are bound to figure but whether it would be as highly may be surprising, or not.
        Of course, there is always lots of sympathy selection involved and personal bias from those reading the poll so with that in mind, my surprises included:
        1) Mark Hughes rating so far up the list - probably personal bias but some pretty impressive people named below him and 1 goal per 4 games isn't that flash. I suppose he did other things, too.
        2) Henrik Larsen - I suppose it does say British Football doesn't it? Not doubting his ability but he did play in SPL not EPL ...
        3) Ian Wright could only muster 38? below most of the people above him? He was on fire at Arsenal, 2 goals per 3 games.
        4) Andy Gray - the one from Villa? Who now does commentary? I suppose his early career with Dundee and Villa (first spell) was pretty impressive but it talled off after he left Villa in 79. So, 6 reasonably good years got him a guernsey, huh?
        5) Don Revie - bit surprised to see his name in top 50. Never saw him play but a goal nearly very 5 games doesn't sound that flash.
        6) Stan Mortensen - great to see his name listed and so highly, too. At nearly 2 goals every 3 games for Blackpool and almost a goal a game for England over 6 years he must have been pretty hot - but then with Sir Stanley on your flank it must have made life pretty "easy." My dad's favourite player, Sir Stanley so great to see the recognition for his goalscoring partner.
        7) I know it says "striker" but Sir Bobby Charlton has a better goals per game ratio than some strikers listed, both at club and international level. And he scored some real bobby dazzlers, too. For mine, THE greatest footballer ever.

    • Like you said every true Liverpool fan already knew, but it's good to see he is being recognised away from Liverpool.

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      • RAFALUTION...Dont u find it strange that though KING KENNY
        is employed by the club they seem incapable of realizing that he is THE MAN and should be apointed immediately to take over at the helm of the good ship LFC before we are sunk with this idiot Pugwash driving us straight onto the rocks ?
        Seems fans from other clubs are more than ready to acknowledge his genius but of course we have imbeciles like dsteer telling us KK cant manage because hes been away from the game too long and the game has changed in the time hes been away. If this were the case then Im at a loss to know just what it is hes sposed to be doing coaching our academy youth sides ...is it that its imagined he is in possession of the way the game will be played in the FUTURE as a result of having ....
        been away from the game too long ? thoughts ?