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  • colin colin Jan 24, 2010 22:35 Flag

    Dalglish is the greatest.

    RAFALUTION...Dont u find it strange that though KING KENNY
    is employed by the club they seem incapable of realizing that he is THE MAN and should be apointed immediately to take over at the helm of the good ship LFC before we are sunk with this idiot Pugwash driving us straight onto the rocks ?
    Seems fans from other clubs are more than ready to acknowledge his genius but of course we have imbeciles like dsteer telling us KK cant manage because hes been away from the game too long and the game has changed in the time hes been away. If this were the case then Im at a loss to know just what it is hes sposed to be doing coaching our academy youth sides ...is it that its imagined he is in possession of the way the game will be played in the FUTURE as a result of having ....
    been away from the game too long ? thoughts ?

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    • Dear Colin
      You are either very young or asleep when KK jumped ship cause he could not handle the pressure ? What would you expect him to do in a far more pressured situation. He is a great ambassador for our beloved club but no at all capable of management . Rafa has been let down with by the board no one else .

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      • L'Pool I think you are not explaining the real reason why Kenny quit managing Liverpool.

        The Hilsborough incident really was a pscychological burden which finally took his toll.
        Kenny didn't had to but went to nearly all the funerals of the innocent people that died that day he also persoanlly visted many of the families that were directly effected with the disaster.

        What he went through for the fans during this time should never be forgotten. The burden took it's toll and he left yes, but understandably so.

        If he came back the burden he would have now is nothing compared to what he had to put up with back then, the burden now would be a walk in the park to him.

    • Sorry Colin just saw you are 60 did you not realise KK melted away from managing Lpool ?

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      • LPOOL2006200....Im fully aware of the history of KK and our club thanks. Question for u...u ask how would KK perform in
        :a far more pressurised situation:...before u think on it dont bother because there is no need why? Because its unlikely he couldfind himself in a far more pressurised situation.
        What put KK under so much pressure was the :situation: of Hillsborough. How many funerals of our fans did he attend ? Can u imagine u self in that :situation:...r u aware of just how it might affect u ? So ...do u really think he :jumped ship: now ?
        KK will spend the owners funds wisely he can bring a short term solution to our current ills and can build steadily for the future of the club with a blend of youth and experience after all he is coaching the Academy youth team stars of the future right now. Enough of Pugwash ! Get this clown down the road now itd be the best 20 mill the owners have spent since they bought the club...APPOINT KK ...NOW!!!

    • Yes i think Kenny is long overdue a proper return to football amanagement and would be the ideal choice for us. but the fact is does he want to?