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  • Kenny 7 Suarez Kenny 7 Suarez Jan 26, 2010 16:49 Flag

    Dalglish is the greatest.

    I think comparing Blackburn and Liverpool is a bit off.
    Liverpool is the club he has always loved and always will.
    You mention one game, do you remember the team with players like Beardsley,Aldo,Barnes,Rush,Nicol,Molby,Stauton,Jones,Grobbelar.
    We were awesome attacking team, yes a couple of players he inherited from the great Bob Paisley.
    But Kenny was a great manager for us (but even he can have an off game for us).

    Look at the Legend that is Shankly didn't win zip for a few years but once he built the foundations look at us then he built the basis for what Liverpool became. The greatest football team on the planet.

    Then Bob perfected Shankly's formula.
    Fagan played his part in honouring Liverpool as it should be.
    Kenny kept us winning.

    Only when Kenny Left the team went downwards.

    Then thanks to Souness,Evans, Houllier (has a little reprieve for the treble of 2001 and also giving us McCalister) and now Rafa we have done nothing but step back.

    We need Kenny to stop where we are heading and put us back going forward (if just for the short term).

    No one should ever forget how much that man has done for this club and how much he loves this club.