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  • Loki Loki Jan 27, 2010 01:02 Flag

    Dalglish is the greatest.

    I know Raf, but to be fair, he has been playing behind Torres for 3 seasons now has he not, and scored one or two goals in that time. Maybe its not long enough to be considered!

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    • ahahaha AHAHAHAHA - Just when you thought this 40 year old LOSER who still listens to IRON MAIDEN (lol) couldn't get any DUMBER he comes out with this SHYTE.

      Hey - herpes where's LAMPARD and RONALDO on the list too seeing as they are midfielders who also "score a few". PMSL

      No wonder it took this scouse RAT DUNCE so long to finish his (Open University) education!

      "We need David Bentley" - lokiherpes
      "Dosenna and Babel are quality" - lokiherpes

      Too easy!!!!!!!!!!!