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  • lex lex Jan 30, 2010 08:51 Flag

    Who would be good enough for Liverpool

    I ask this question as to be honest seeing what is around at this time I cant see a manager that could rebuild your team after all the dross that has been bought
    The one man who could do a job with decent funding is Jose but he is not avilable untill at least the summer
    As i football fan I would be loathe to pay the waiter off as he does not deserve one penny the only good news seems that one of your co -owners has sold his american sports team (much to that teams fan relief)
    If and judging by what the american fans say he was willing to spend that money getting rid of Raffa and getting Jose in as well as giving him a buget how long do you think it would take to repair the damage?

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    • matin oneil would be my choice done well at all the clubs he,s been at time for a bigger club to pick him up and give him a chance

    • Hiddink would be the ideal manager for us. His record and experience speak for themselves.

    • Apologies to you Alex, this isn't directed personally at your thread as you seem to be an "outsider" asking a genuine question about our club. My reply is more aimed at the "sack Rafa at any cost" brigade and your thread seems a good place to hang it from at the moment.
      The thing I find amazing about all of these ANTI threads about getting rid of Rafa and getting in some new super manager is that they are all written under the same basic assumption (aka delusion).
      Nearly every one of these threads start off with words to the effect of...
      "When PUGWASH ( fatboy, spanish waiter, insert your own particular derogatory name) is finally removed (given the chop, shown the door, sent down the road,...) and the new super manager/world conquering hero/ saviour is brought in to Anfield the owners will provide oodles of money so that all the dross that fatboy flooded the club with can be tossed aside and all the best players in the world can be purchased and brought home to Anfield where they belong...."
      Come on, guys.
      What planet are you all living on?
      If the current owners were this free with their money don't you think they would have been spending heaps of it already?
      These guys are business men, not philanthropists or football fanatics. They DON'T give a toss about Liverpool FC and its history. They don't care if the club is successful or not.
      All they care about is their bottom line.
      At the moment LFC is still a reasonable investment because they can keep writing off their home (ie US) debts against our club. Once this changes then they wil look to get out, when it becomes economically the correct thing to do.
      They are not going to sink a single dollar more than they need to into this club to keep it the useful debt write off mechanism it currently is for them. They will strip this club to its bones if necessary and sell off any asset they can, just like they do in any other business situation they find themselves involved.
      As long as it helps their bottom line.
      "Liverpool FC? Who gives a toss? It isn't even american, for goodness sake. Why would we put any of our hard earned money into something that is in limey land?"
      I think you get th idea.
      So, for those of you out there still dreaming that the yank owners are going to come riding in on their white chargers, sack fatboy and his team of dross and turn this club around overnight by hiring the world's greatest manager and giving him a blank cheque with which to buy the world's greatest payers all I can say is WAKE THE FECK UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!
      It isn't the manager we need to get rid of first before things will start to get better.

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      • Although you are entitled to your opinion Ajay - I find the assumption that those of us who want Rafa out as deluded a little conceited.

        I have never called Rafa, Pugwash, Fat Spanish waiter etc...that sort of rubbish is reserved for the poster who thinks he lives beside Lake Geneva (probably a picture inside his padded room) - or generally Mancs and bluenoses upto a bit of 'fun'.

        I dont think there is a super-manager out there that is a shoe-in for the job & I don't think Kenny is a true candidate - I just think that is wishful thinking (although it would be nice for him to prove us wrong - that would drive Ferguson over the edge - haha)

        ..but I genuinely believe there comes a point where a manager has taken a team as far as he can - and whatever you say about the Yanks, who I don't like, to say he hasn't had money to spend is ridiculous - the players he's let go is (Crouch, Keane, Bellamy, Alonso, even players on loan..).

        Whatever fond memories there are of Istanbul or Cardiff 12 months later are just that - memories.

        His style of play / tactics are not something I want to watch for the next 20 years - so at the end of the season I will wish him well if he moves on.

    • The longer this goes on, the longer it will take to repair, but there is still a core nucleus of quality in the squad to give me faith that whoever takes over, at least will be moving forward. A stable side is the first priority, with the BEST players being played. A good example of this is what has happened today with Bolton. Fatty found it impossible to NOT PLAY Lucas, and who is relaced? Aquillani. There is NO WAY that makes sense. Its a DOWNWARD substitution. It is this mentality that a new manager will change, but to be honest, probably 2 years before we challange for PL again, but CL qualification a MUST.
      A win at home to Bolton is a relief at the moment, and that is what has to change.

    • Whats about Frank Rijkaard, wouldn't his deeds and knowledge be useful to us.

    • Mourinhio or Hiddink are the only two possible candidates that would deem good enough.

      Yes I'm being picky but Liverpool should have the best and these two men are IMHO.

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      • Apparently Mourinho has his eye on the Man U job, so it wouldn't be great to get him if he really wants to be somewhere else, HIDDINK is the overwhelming No.1 choice,but even so as Benitez says he's happy at Liverpool whether or not he'll still be in May is another question, and games like today will show whether or not all this talk about Hiddink or Mourinho et all will really be a reality in the end....