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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 30, 2010 14:55 Flag

    Let's get behind em !!!

    Off to the game today, first League game at home I've been to for a while, the anit-Benitez stuff will be will and truly left @ home ;).

    And from that sky comes the wind & the rain,
    Our dreams have been tossed & blown,
    but we cannot let our team walk alone,
    We have to walk on, with hope in our hearts,
    Do not let the Redmen walk alone.

    The music the crowd sings is the music that Liverpool has sent echoing around the world.

    It used to be thought that Welsh International Rugby crowds were the most musical and passionate in the world, but I've never seen anything like this Liverpool crowd.

    On the field here, the gay and inventive furiosity as shown is quite stunning.

    The Duke of Wellington before the battle of Waterloo said of his own troops, 'I do not know what they do to the enemy but by God they frighten me.' And I'm sure some of the players in the match here this evening must be feeling the same way.


    Lets frighten Bolton into submission, put the willys up them make it an afternoon like something they have never seen before or been part of, get behind the team every last one of them.

    We have sweeped aside better than this we are Liverpool make them be afraid of us.

    Make them sh*t themselves be nervous, if anyone can do it the Anfield faithfull can, lets fuckin show them who we are, fuck the media, fuck Andy Gray, fuck the mancs, fuck the yanks, fuck everton, infact everyone apart from Liverpool just fuck off !!!

    Cheer them redmen on tonight, make the atmosphere as hostile as it can be, boo whistle do everything in your power to get them 3 points, and back to what we are best at enough of this doom and gloom.


    At the end of that storm there will be a golden sky
    and that sweet silver song of a lark, WALK ON, WITH HOPE IN YOUR HEART, CAUSE YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.



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