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  • Mysteron Mysteron Jan 31, 2010 00:14 Flag

    Let's get behind em !!!

    Daniel, I said that weeks ago and got slated by the anti rafa lot. Blind faith they called it. Everything in you message is correct. Glad you have seen the light.

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    • I dont want anybody think that I am not back in the 'keep rafa' side of the board and If he were to quit tomorrow I would be quite happy but the yanks are not going to sack him until at least the summer so there's no point in me continuing to jabber on about how much I want rafa gone. Everyone knows I want him gone so there's no need to keep repeating myself. I just want to support my club. I am no longer supporting rafas reign at the club but I will always support the club and want the best for it...and the best we can now hope for is the Europa League and a 4th place spot...if we are lucky.

      Anyway, decent result today, decent performance. I just hope we dont hiccup again in the next game just like we did against.

      Well done boys, keep it up.