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    No late transfer window buys.


    Looks we are stuck with what we've got, players such as Keirrison, Van Nistelrooy, Gudjohnson, Pavlyuchenko (If Babel had been sold plus with the money from Voronin and Dossena we'd have had enough to sign him), Victor Moses, Adriano, Luca Toni have slipped the net with hardly any mention in joining us or us showing any interest whatsoever.

    And I don't buy the (these are not as good as Ngog) either.

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    • Ok make, i apologise for thinking you were being argumentative. Nothing wrong with a little debate, but I am sure neither of us want to have an argument.

      The thing is mysetron, we did sell...we had about £5.5m available from the sales of dossena and voronin. Maxi was brought in on a free so that money should still be there.

      We could definetly have got a decent striker for that amount to see us through 'til the end of the season.

      So lets agree to disagree on this one and leave it there mate,

    • Daniel, wasn't trying to be argumentative. Funny I was starting to think the same things about you reference hard work and blatant misunderstanding.
      I look at the transfer window this way.
      1) The board must know the team needs help, so the made little money available,
      2) Rafa refused to sell anyone, because he knew he wouldn't get the money.
      Given those two pieces of information that tells me alot.
      Also I would not of brought anyone, thats what I thought about whats available.
      I do understand you desire to buy for the sake of it, but...
      Anyway putting this to bed now. Hopefully we will have better luck next time.

    • Where to start? Start by answering all the questions. This discussion started by you saying the players me and malmos mentioned are not good enough so why dont you recommend some. Doesn't matter if they are different to mine, thats the beauty of this board, different opinions and ideas. Instead of telling me they vary to mine, tell me who they are? I am sure we both have a fairly identical list to the players we WANT if we had endless cash but we dont, hence the cheapr buys/frees/loans. So tell me who you think we could have got in with the funds we have available (i.e hardly any cash)?

      Right am gonna leave it here after this post because you really dont seem to grasp what i am saying.

      I agree we should not be looking at no deals...but we have NO MONEY so we have to look at alternatives. Why can you not see or understand that? Not being funny mate it is very simple.

      You are creating argument for arguments sake here...when did i say the squad IS good enough? I know its not good enough...thats why we need to improve it! We have no money! So how do you improve it with no money? Loans and frees.

      Yes we should be in for players of fabregas' calibre, but we wont be because we dont have the money to even make a bid for him.

      I think you seem to be taking me the wrong way. We started this out talking about who we should have signed and now you've turned it into something totally different going on about evolving the team and how we should be in for better players...i know we should ffs! But we dont have the money, i dont know how many times i can say this to you.

      Sorry mate, but you are too much hard work.

    • Daniel. Where to start with your reply.
      Right. The loan thing, ain't got a problem with premier teams loaning out, I think they should not be allowed in. There is enough money and they have a squad, so they shouldn't need to do loans.

      Now our strikers, we have torres, babel, ngog, kuyt, pacheco. I make that 5 and only one of them is any good as a striker.

      I ain't preaching, like you I offered an opinion, I still don't think those strikers listed are good enough. My choice of players that I would like to see in red will vary to yours. However, our club is in turmoil at the moment. Most of our squad ain't good enough. The money ain't there as we have seen by our lack of endeavour this last month.

      This evolve thing, I can see various paths in front of us at the moment. It is an opportunity to make things right. My thoughts are, will they.

      Right I will give you something for the summer.
      If madrid and barca bid for fabregas then we should be in it given Stevie G's age.

    • I agree with both you and colin here. I think Babel should be given a run in the team UP FRONT whilst Torres is injured. Would prefer him to N'gog.

    • No silence at all mate. Haven't been near a computer since 1 o'clock.

      Ok i'll answer you and then you can go back and answer the rest of my questions to you...here they are:

      Do you know any other players who we should have been looking to sign or not?

      Are you now saying we have plenty of strikers to able to cope for the rest of the season?

      What are you talking about we would have the players for longer than the 4 months needed? Well a couple of the names mentioned I wouldn't mind keeping for more than just the rest of the season but for the rest of them...er no...we were talking about loan deals for the rest of the season.

      Now I will answer your questions:

      Firstly, what is the point of signing a striker? Because we only have 3! We need at least 4, even more so with torres out injured. Ngog is a 4th choice striker and kuyt should be a squad player imo not a first team regular. I am not saying we dont need to sign a defender (which is what you are implying but never raised the question before), we do. We need a versatile defender who can play across the back 4...Onohua on loan maybe would have done the job...yes a LOAN! A defender is not a priority though as we have at least 2 players in each position.

      Secondly, we shouldnt be looking at loan deals? You think they are banned. I think that is one of the silliest thing I have heard. It allows clubs to give young players a chance to gain experience (yes in the premiership in some cases) and also allows players who are not playing regularly to go somewhere and do so, also putting themselves in the shop window which is a benefit to the club and the player. Also it allows clubs like burnley who dont have a lot of money to sign some quality players like youngsters looking for experience i.e jack wilshere to bolton. So should we be looking at loans? Well we shouldn't. We should have money available to buy players, but it doesnt look like we do so we have to look at alternativs and they are free transfers (maxi) and loan deals. Some decent players went out on loan over this transfer window.

      I dont really know why you are preaching to me about evolving the team, i have never mentioned it on this thread have i? You said we have an oppurtuntiy to evolve the team and I asked you to explain...which you still haven't. Why does not signing a striker evolve the team? But yes the squad needs a clear out...in fact the club needs a clear out..the manager, the players (some) and the owners.

    • JESUS CHRIST, WHY DO WANT TO BUY THEM they're all nearly in their forties!
      For the old timers league? YOU MUPPET

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      • I am completly disgusted. We are so badly in need of a new striker and nothing was done about it. This was a chance to bring someone in & maybe turn our shit season around. Kuyt & Ngog are not good enough yet we are gona have to rely on them for the rest of the season in the absence of Torres. We have one of the weakest strike forces in the league ffs. Torres may be one of the best when fit & on form but he is so injury prone, we have nobody of any real quality apart from him. I really can't believe nobody was brought in. Further failure looms large. Cheers Rafa. Please fuck off to Juventus!!

    • With Torres still out, and not knowing how much recovery he'll need to get full match fitness back this was an opportunity lost. I know many thought a striker was the priority, but there was other business we could have done to fill out the squad on other places. RB is the obvious as it looks like our preferred back up to Johnson is Carra, who while we all know will play until his heart explodes, is not the ideal RB.

      I know everyone wants to blame someone for this missed opportunity, but just not sure where it should be pinned. Rafa has control over transfers now, so I'm sure he's the one who blame will fall to. He brought money in, and had the chance to raise even more by selling off Babel who does not look like he'll ever be a regular, so why did he not try to spend it?

      Was he stubborn and felt the players he's got were good enough? Did other clubs demand more money that we felt was the right price? Or, did he really have any money to spend, either new, or even money he did raise by selling off Dossena and Voronin?

    • How long has Babel been with us now, got to be 3 years and never once has been given the opportunity to show what he can do in his natural position or a position that I have seen him play in with his previous clubs and successfully may I add, how is the lad meant to know what he's about when he's never given the opportunity, unfortunately this will be another player who has been moulded into a player Rafa wants him to be, when he does move on I have no doubt this lad will prosper at his next club by been given ample opportunity.

    • adidasalmos...yeah take u point on Riera... like the lad at least he seems to know where the byline is and more importantly HOW to get to it before crossing. BUT its amazing with Fatlads tactics how hes ever allowed to do such a thing, heaven forbid anyone should ever push so far forward ..how audacious of him eh ?
      When Fatlad is finally gone I do believe that the new man whoever he is will manage to get the best out of our squad primarily by allowing players to start in their natural positions and giving them freedom out there on the pitch to express themselves a little. I imagine this post is defo feeding dsteers PARANOIA about people having a go at Pugwash....
      hee hee hee.

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