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  • ian s ian s Feb 7, 2010 18:21 Flag

    Card happy ref?

    what game were you watching ? the "game", if you can call it that, was crap. more of a fight than a game.

    As for the red card against Kyrgiakos ...... ? we have this thing in the UK called "action replay" and some of us can even reind the tele and watch it in slow motion in all different kinds of camera angle. Its great. I wish you could see it. Then maybe you would have see him bring both his feet off the floor to tackle studs up. Hence, RED card. It really isn't difficult.

    So I hope that clears it up for you why he was sent off.

    There were other tackles from both sides that deserved other cards too, like Fellaini's tackle at the same time on Kyrgiakos, Pienaars tackle on Masch, and Gerrards dive for the freekick just in front of the box, or the rolling round on the floor after being shoulder barged by 5ft 3in Pienaar getting him sent off (even though he shouldn't have been on the pitch in the first place.)

    Your new to this football thing I take it ?

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