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  • Kuen Kuen Feb 7, 2010 15:57 Flag

    Heroes and Villains Yesterday

    Without any doubt, Pepe and Kuyt were the heroes of the game yesterday. Pepe made several wonderful saves, especially the kick outside the box facing Saha's boot. He was in peak form.

    Kuyt was not just a scoring hero. He made two criticalclearances inside our own box. He also showed his brain to hold the ball well inside the opposition's half to kill the vital time with minimal risk.

    The back four were very solid, even with Masch playing as right back. He had the 'no bullshit' type of defence learnt from Carra. Insua proved himself could defend well. Same for Agger. Gerrard played the defensive midfield since the red card, and did well.

    Playing with one man down is difficult for the rest of the team, Kyrgiakos was the worst vallian. His tackle was foolish and unnecessary.

    Did anyone see Maxi at all? I could not find him the whole day.

    Ngog is back to be a dead wood. Babel could not find his position in the middle or on the left.

    To be fair, Rafa did his sub arrangement pretty well. He was about to put Riera in for Maxi, and we had the goal. Instead of going through the substitution, he replaced Ngog with Babel to keep two Everton defneders in bay. However, I still could not understand why he did not start with Riera or Aquaman.

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    • I loved the derby game and thought it was proper entertainment. When your teams been going through a lull thats exactly what you want to see. Kicked the carp out of the clowns at their own game. Mascherano killed it out there, I also was happy with Lucas and the entire defence. I disagree with the Ngog bashing bit earlier on, I thought he looked a threat and made pretty good of the scraps he was fed.

    • You stole the words right out of my mouth piers

    • Maxi did have a quite match first half but in the second was very much involved and played some brilliant defence ripping passes.
      Yes Pepe played well but let's be honest he has been like that all season.
      Kuyt's goal was brilliant when you think he was being pulled and pushed by howard and veille but still managed to get his head on the ball and guide it into the net. Also he was everywhere, helping at the heart of our defence, cutting back into the centre of midfield putting in some good crosses on the attack.
      But I think Masch deserves special mention
      it was his best performance of the season IMHO, he was put as a make shift right back so mplayed out of position and never faltered, he even got a his name sang out by the whole of anfield when he made one crucial tackle just as Everton was begining to overrun our 25 yard box.

      Yes the Greek made a stupid mistake, but Fellini should of been sent off as well.

      Thought Agger had a good game as well and Jamie played to his usual standard.

    • we all know why aquaman wasn't playing, he's to slight and would have picked up an injury within a few minutes of yesterdays brawl.

      as for gerrard, does loads of good stuff, but can someone stop him diving ? I don't think so now. he does it too much.

    • Agree the defence were top notch, the only real chance for the bluesh*te came from Cahill apart from that our back 4 didnt look like getting breached at all.

      Mascherano had an excellent game, the wok ethic of himself and Dirk Kuyt was second to none, a real pull your sleeves up display from either of them.

      Gerrard, seems to be getting some sort of form the desire he showed yesterday was exactly what we needed from the Captain, an inspired display from the lad in my book.

      Reina was as excellent as ever, couple of dodgy punches but thats to be expected, Maxi didnt have much ball time but the work ethic of the little Argentinian was good stuff and something I didnt think he had in his locker.

      Still unsure about Ngog, just wish we had a more reliable backup striker so this lad would be able to watch and learn and be used as an impact substitute, Insua looked a lot more comfortable definsively is attacking game needs no working on at all, Lucas was his normal unspectacular self, Babel when came on made a few good runs but his first touch is pathetic at the moment, all in all happy with the 3 points and nothing really to complain about.