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    Todays transfer rumours.

    Martin Skrtel an £8m target for Juventus: Would you let him leave, Kyrgiakos' rise to prominence alately showing he can cut the mustard in Premier League, and if Rafa is given whatever he generates from players going out of the cliub don't think it would be too much of a bad thing as I full well believe next season we should San Jose, Ayala and Martin Kelly all on the fringes ready to make the step up, only one I really question is San Jose.

    Stephen Ireland: Rumoured to on his way out of Man City we have been linked with him, versatile midfield player who was excellent and instrumental in the City team until recently, would be a welcome addidition if ture, whether would have the funding to bring the lad in this is another question.

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    • Personally what I would like to see is a small remake of the team. Liverpool simply needs more stability in the midfield. Lucas and Mascherano don't offer this. Both are tenacious defensive midfielders. Lucas is also simply not experienced enough. It would be great if we could get rid of him and opt for a cheap, but experienced midfielder. Some one along the lines of Andrea Pirlo (doubt it).
      Also, would somebody please smack Benitez upside the head and tell him to play Babel at striker. He could possible be better than N'gog (anyone's better than him). Gerrard should definitely be dropped back into the midfield again also. With the signing of Jovanovich Torres should have a decent partner in striking and Babel can act as a substitute.
      The back four seems relatively solid in terms of individuals. The only issue is that they cannot function as a united and Benitez needs to rethink the defensive strategy.

    • john g...IM BEHIND THE CLUB 100% MATE. Hope we can bring 3points back from London tonight. Thing is like u self Im a lifelong fan same age and dont know what u think about the tactics the lads have been finding themselves sent out there with but I for one find them deadly dull...this is not the LIVERPOOL FC football I have been used to enjoying all my life.
      You win some u lose some thats the way it is that I can accept for me its more the WAY u win some and u lose some, if we win some playing with real style , flair then thats great but perhaps even more important is to be able to say when we lose ...Yeah ok we lost by one goal but we scared the hell out of em ! We were unlucky today but Im sure they arent looking forward to the return ! ...This rather than the pathetic line-ups v such as Wolves where it looks like we are going by the teamsheet happy to get a point ? or at best win by deadly dull defense and counter attack tactics the two holding midfielders nonesense v rubbish opposition...had enough it myself .

    • Colin its not all Benitez's fault some of the overpaid players out there on the pitch and injuries have played a big part in LFC's season. I'm not one of the have faith in Benitez brigade just a lifelong fan (61 years) so instead of blaming get behind the club thats if your a true Reds fan!!!!!!!!!

    • Here's to hoping Colin. ;)

    • adidasmalmos...I would just like to put it on the record that I dont :hate: Benitez.I detest the fact that his obvious incompetency is consistently tolerated by the owners... thats all there is to it.Any other clubs owners would have had him down the road long ago.
      Quite seriously, I say this because Im not winding anybody up here...rather than listen to the pathetic bleating of the HAVE FAITH IN RAFA BRIGADE I have far more faith for example in the ability of serious fans such as u self to manage the club rather than Benitez. I say this because more or less daily reading of posts from serious fans on this board and their ideas for starting line-ups clearly show they are far more clued up than ever Benitez has been or is likely to ever be.
      Lets just hope that this news of serious interest from parties in India is what weve been waiting for and that they make an offer that even that TU?D Hicks cant ignore.

    • "With him in charge I'll try to stay somewhat positive and try and think positive, if that's at all possible !!!!!."

      Thats they way I feel too malmos. I want him gone but at the moment I am trying to find any postivies I can and focus on them.

      Just wanted to ask colin, where in the world are you then these days? Must be hard keeping up with the club from where ever you are? Lots of early morning/late nights to watch the games?

    • If alot more people who go to games had this sort of hatred for Rafa then I'm pretty certain we would either have seen the back of him or will be seeing the back of him, problem is alot of fans dont actually blame Rafa for the clubs current plight, the on field problems are funnily enough disguised by the boardroom issues undfortunately, but Colin I'm totally with you in wanting him gone.

      With him in charge I'll try to stay somewhat positive and try and think positive, if that's at all possible !!!!!.

    • adidasmalmos...apology accepted mate. I know a lot of the bad feeling between some of us is simply irritation and frustrationat people not immediately seeing where we are coming from. Thats the point Ive been making about Benitez his attitude tactics have I think pretty cleanly split the support down the middle as Ive said created a virtual civil war among us. Anyone who generates such a situation IMO cant be good for the club.
      I cant as I say stomach another season with this man at the helm. Though I say my progressive loss of interest in the club due to this man isnt of any real consequence to the club my enthusiasm for the club I have passed on to my kids and grandkids but if my enthusiasm slowly seeps away like as not so will theirs all six of them so thats seven present and future supporters gone and as u probably rightly say theres not a damn thing I or any of us on this board can do about the situation that is slowly bringing this turn of events about.

    • I repsect your opinion and views and I do echo them well the majority, apologies for my earlier post, you can have a reasoned debate and put some very good points acroos.

    • adidasmalmos...Yes what u say sounds very logical. I must admit that though I have supported the club for 56 years I have not attended at Anfield since a League Cup game v Arsenal in Jan 95. It has something to do with the fact that I and my family live two thousand miles away . I do not know what the majority of fans who attend on match days think with regard to Benitez.
      I do however have friends who watch in the pubs and clubs there on Merseyside and in Lancashire and it seems from what Im hearing from them that the vast majority of people many of whom are long term supporters want the man out.
      I know that it is not the Liverpool FC way to demonstrate against the manager on match days at Anfield and likely never will be so it seems we have something of an impasse which I am sure if it is not resolved will lead to my progressive loss of interest in our club. It saddens me to say or think this as Liverpool FC has always been such a big part of my life but the truth is I cant stomach another season of this mans brand of deadly dull football.
      My loss of interest is of no consequence to our club and will make no difference whatsoever to the situation regarding Benitez but it has already made a difference in my life...I find myself not caring much as and when they lose games this season as I feel each game lost is another nail in the Benitez coffin and brings us that much closer to the start of a new era for Liverpool FC the club I have loved and supported all my life.I have traveled the length and breadth of the UK and into Europe standing on terraces in the pouring rain and freezing cold happy as a lark to watch the boys win...now I find I could care less if they lose in the derby at home to Everton ??? Thankyou very much Mr. Benitez.

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