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  • Leslie B Leslie B Feb 8, 2010 07:44 Flag

    carra, "we're building from the back".

    why ?

    1. he is now one of the slowest defenders in the prem.

    2. has been skinned and turned by more players than I care to think of, more than any other defender I've seen. (this year is no better)

    3. Fans say, "ah yeah, he's lost a bit ( a BIT ?) of pace, but he's got a good football brain.... he HASN'T. he really is now worse than average for a prem defender.

    Anyone notice one of the first touches of yesterdays derby ? Smack back into the little rat pienaar. As if to say "I'm here, now lets not be having any good footie played agaist me..."

    He hasn't got anything else to his game.

    yes, he'll die for the cause, but thats not enough. apart from throwing his body in the way, I don't see what benefit he is to Liverpool. He's a better captain than gerrard (more vocal) but thats about it.

    Just why do you think he's not playing for England ?

    Don't say it's because the England squad was too big in that department, or he wasn't getting picked, etc, etc.

    He wasn't getting picked because he was crap. end of.

    so thats why. easy peasy.

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