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  • We got effed when Kyrgiakos got sent off. He and Skrtel would have proved to be a very physical duo that would give Arshavin a marking he wont forget. Also i think playing Masch will put some steel in midfield, and Aqua will add some skill along with Riera and Maxi. The question is who plays RB. Degen might litle unexpirienced to face Nasri, while Carra might be a touch on the slow side. Also on the right we should play Maxi since hes more technical than Kuyt and with Clichy looking shaky it should give him an advantage. So my line up would be:

    Carra Skrtel Agger Insua
    Maxi Aqua Gerrard Riera

    What do you guys think?

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    • No mate, i wouldn't risk my money either

    • Agreed Daniel but, knowing Rafa and his ability to amaze, I wouldn´t put any money on that if I were you!

    • As many of you have said, I think the key to getting a result in this game is all about stopping their midfield in it's tracks. You can't worry too much about who will mark Arshavin, in the end it makes little difference. We have all seen him take some of the best defenders in the league to the cleaners this year. He is just too quick and too talented on the ball.
      The key is to not let him get the ball!
      Shut down the supply lines.
      Mark Fabregas out of the game, don't let any of their defenders or mids have ANY time on the ball.
      In other words, pretend it is a match at Anfield and be right in their faces from the very first whistle.
      That doesn't mean going over the top and trying to kick their stars out of the game or whatever. It just means not giving them 10-15 yards to get control of the ball and look up to pick a pass.
      If they get the time they will run rings around us, as they do most other teams.
      My attempt at picking a team to stop Arsenal would go something like this:
      A bit reluctant to pick Degen at RB but I think we need pace on the flanks and can't think of anyone else to play there. Kuyt in front of him will help tremendously as the ball hopefully will not get that far too often.
      Lucas and Masch to strangle their midfield playmakers.
      Kuyt and Riera to add a bit of speed and skill (in Riera's case) for breakaway's, which I think is the key to catching Arsenal out.
      N'gog to play the big CF, holding the out ball and bringing SG and Riera into the attack.
      Utd seemed to beat Arsenal by playing very tight in the middle and then having fast players in the front 3 - Rooney, Park and Nani - who could help out in midfield but also to run at their defenders at pace. Ask yourselves how often PArk or Nani start games at Utd? Both are OK at playing a defensive, niggling, running, tackling, chasing back type game and can then burst forward on the break.
      Such a pity we won't have Torres' pace for this game.
      Maybe, and here's something you probably thought I would never say on this board, but maybe there might just be a place for BABEL in this game. One thing he does have is pace. Maybe Rafa could unleash him up the middle instead of using N'gog and tell him his career at LFC was riding on how much pressure he put on Gallas, Vermaelen and Almunia - all a bit suspect if hassled enough.
      And don't forget, a win puts us just 2 points behind the gooners in third place!!!!!!

    • Arsenal is a wounded lion and wil come out fighting especially on their own turf. The key is to frustrate them in the first 60 minutes. Just close them down on every ball, don't give them space. I hate to say this but we should park our bus and hit them with counter attacks. Let them panic and they will! In the last 30 minutes, we should bring in Babel by replacing Ngog, Babel take a inside L and Kuyt should come more in the center.

    • Aquilani will not make the trip due to illness (vomiting) so the team line up will def be including Lucas:
      Carragher Skrtel Agger Insua
      Mascherano Lucas
      Kuyt Gerrard Riera

      Subs: Degen, Aurelio, Babel, Maxi, El Zhar, Cavalieri, Kelly

      At least the bench is starting to look a bit more competent!

    • I tend to agree with you on the line up. I don't see being the physical battle like the derby or the Stoke and Wolves encounter, so while we may miss Soto for his consistency, we don't need his extra muscle. Ditto on needing two holding midfielders but with the match away, not sure Rafa will go that far, although really hope we go for it.

      For me the keys will be shutting down both Arshavin and Fabragas. If we can keep them quiet we all but neutralize them. Fab is there engine, so Masch will need to be all over him. Arshavin can still hurt on the break, but if we limit his supply he'll be feeding on scraps, although I might think about throwing in Degen instead of Carra at RB because of Carra's lack of pace.

      But the other important thing is I think we need to put them on the back foot, and really attack as much as possible. Their defenders are not physical, and Almunia is suspect in my book, so we should test him often.

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      • We do need to put them on the back foot steer. I dislike Rafa's 'crushing machine' Valencia approach - but this is one match where it is appropriate.
        Put simply, I think teams try to do one of two things against Arsenal. They are either wary of the attacking and creative potency of their opponents and set up to weather the storm, or they get at them, and try to stop them being potent to begin with.
        If you have a limited team you may as well just try to absorb what they do and see what you can get. I think that an uncomprimising, defend from the front, no space to play attitude is what we are capable of. Disrupt their game, let youth show its weakness and exploit it.
        Masch must be on top of Fabregas every second.

    • I said this the last time and it happened because we didn't and I will say it again.
      If we shut up shop with Arshavin we have a good chance. If we let him play we are screwed.

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      • RAFA ISPANTS...GET AT EM !!! This could be the defining moment of our season. GRIT and STEEL is the answer to the pretty flowing footie Arsenal play. Was watching some old footage of our side back when Ince was captain he made Masch look like Aquaman by comparison ! How anybody can say the game is faster more physical than back then is beyond meIMO
        the game is far less physical now.
        Put them on the back foot give them no time to settle on the ball risk a booking from over protective ref why not ? Get among em ! Come on you REDMEN !!!

    • I'd like to see Masch at RB. He's done a job there in the past and theres nothing to suggest that he wouldn't be the best man for the job against a pacey Arsenal side.

      This would leave Lucas and Aquilani in midfield which I know will not impress many on here but I still believe its the best option available to us.

    • Cheers maloms. What we should be doing this week then is looking at the chelski blueprint for beating them and take it all on board and approach the game in the same way.

    • Their first goal was a towering flick on by Terry to the far post and Drogba unmarked put it away, another thing we should be looking at, quality set pieces delivered in with Carra, Skrtel and Agger all in the oppositions penalty box as they are'nt the biggest of teams by any stretch of the imgination.

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