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  • As someone said before AW tries to immitate Barcelona. And he does it very well except for the fact that he doesnt have the same class as BArca. Denilson and Fabregas might be one of the most productive pairing in the middle of the park, but that wont match Xavi and Iniesta. Van Persie Arshavin and Nasri are nowhere near Henry and Messi, and they dont have Ibra at all. Arsenal play good football, but with Van Persiie injured they dont have a finisher. And Arshavin and Nasri arent the most physical attack. So we need steel in the back to hold off Cesc, Arshavin, and Nasri while skill up front to deal with Clichy and Gallas. Insua needs to play good defensive football against Walcott. Masch has to contain Cesc, while Gerrard has to deal with Song. And Kuyt needs to use the fact that Almunia is proably in the top 5 worst keepers in EPL right now. If all that is done we might get 3 points from the Gunners.

    P.S Form might help us as well

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    • As I said - you may well be right. But I do believe that Wenger's youngsters can be knocked off their game by a physical team. It is precisely because their players are not what Barca have that this is the case.
      Barca's team, as you point out really well is far superior - they can handle the physical challenge and tear the opposition apart. I don't think Arsenal can. I think many teams pay them too much respect. Get into them. Play a pressing game, no time on the ball. Challenged at every opportunity, robust (but fair) defending, defensive line from the front and I think they will get frustrated and crumble...
      The way through Arsenal to me is the exploitation of their greatest strength - that is to say that they can look so good going forward that they are vulnerable to the counter attack.
      I think the best defence that Wenger's team has is their fast fluid play from the back to the front, and that is exactly what they are vulnerable to. Win the ball in the middle of the park and they can be caught seriously off gaurd. I have no faith in Gallas, but don't think Almunia is as bad as you say - but hope he is!