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  • Hobsey Hobsey Feb 23, 2010 17:46 Flag

    Team to face Unirea away?

    With the Blackburn game less then 48 hrs after our Europa tie, it is just as well the squad is starting to fill back out!

    Degen Carragher Agger Insua
    Lucas Aquilani
    Kuyt Gerrard Riera

    Subs: Torres, Mascherano, Skrtel, Insua, Cavalieri, Ngog, Benayoun

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    • Interesting to see so many people putting Degen in at full back after his last horror appearance in that position against Arsenal, when he came on as sub for Carra. Wasn't he running away from goal as his man was heading the ball into the back of our net?
      Nice to see on or two agreeing that Kyrgiakos should be playing for us in Europa given that he can't play in EPL at the moment, too.
      Also interesting that many (most?) are not picking Torres to start. Is there something you know that the rest of us don't? Surely, if Europa is our last chance at silverware then Rafa HAS to start with his strongest lineup? These guys showed us at Anfield that they can defend. If we go behind we are totally fukked. We need to kick them in the teeth in the first 30 minutes by scoring one if not two goals, away ones at that.
      Definitely concur with the notion that Aqua is not a holding/defensive midfielder. He must be played in an attacking role, as he was at Roma if we are to get the best out of him.
      It is a pity that Rafa is such a negative tactician. Both Aqua and Lucas are/were attacking midfielders before coming to Liverpool. Just imagine the creativity and flair if Rafa allowed Aqua, Gerrard and Lucas to be our attacking midfield, with no sign of Masch in the starting eleven.
      In my dreams I would be sending out a starting 11 like this:
      (Hey, I managed to count to just 11 this time)
      Once we had knocked 2 past them (anywhere up to 60 minute mark) then I would make a few changes like:
      Kuyt on for Benny
      Torres off for Ngog or Babel (weight of public opinion here, Babel not my choice really but give him his head in Europa and let him "prove" himslef maybe.)
      Masch on for Gerrard.
      Then Lucas and Masch play holding mid, Aqua moves up to play off Babel (or Ngog) and Kuyt does his headless chook impression and basically gets in everyone's face giving them no easy possessions.

    • I'd have in starting 11
      Kelly Agger Kyrg Aurelio
      Kuyt Masch Stevie G Babel
      El Nino
      If fit they should start

    • Reina
      Degen Soto Skrtel Aurelio
      Lucas Masch
      Kuyt Aqua Yossi

      Subs: Cavaleri, Babel, Agger, Carra, Ngog, Gerrard, Torres

    • Reina

      Degen Carra Agger Aurellio

      Kuyt Lucas Aquilani Yossi



      I know more or less our best 11 but we only just beat them at anfield and this will give them a huge confidence boost coming in to this game and playing at home and with our form they will fancy there chances.

      We have to win this game and comfortably, this is our only chance for silverware.

    • Disagree with Aquilani at the side of Lucas, this player is not an holding midfielder and when people realise this the better.

      I feel a little aggrieved that you have left Pacheco out, this player needs game time in this cup, and if he don't feature more regular I can see him been on his way.

      I'd personally like to see.

      Darby Soto Agger Aurelio
      Gerrard Lucas
      Kuyt Aquilani Riera

      Subs: Cavalieri Kelly Carra Pacheco Torres Ngog Amoo.

      A cameo appearance in the last 20-25 minutes from Pacheco, I've added Torres as it would be good to give him another 10-15 minutes game time.

    • Guys some great line ups and ideas but i bet none are right-rafa will prob go tru with a strange looking team-why not play with kyrg-was our best defender since xmas and also play stevie, nando and yossi-if their fit enough to warm the bench surely they'd be itchin for a game????

    • Fine by me bud.

      But why do you refuse to answer my questions?

    • Fine daniel, we disagree then.

    • So where exaclty does it say this? What are you telling me to stop reading? I am not reading anything! I am just giving my opinion, and my opinion is that he is a striker, not a winger. I dont care what it says on some website, this is MY opinion!

    • Reina
      Carra Skrtel Agger Aurelio
      Lucas Mascherano
      Maxi Gerrard Riera

      Question for you Hobitez. Why do people keep pushing babel. He is over-rated, over-paid and unfortunately over-here. Another poor effort on Sunday, when given the chance.

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