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  • navysealsrule navysealsrule Feb 24, 2010 08:15 Flag

    what if

    rafa delivers fourth place and a europa cup would you still want him gone?

    lots of negativity on here with people saying the blame is purely rafas or the american owners caused it all or maybe it was paco ayesteran leaving

    i have news for you the blame lies with all of the above and you can count parry and moores in that statement as well

    face it fellow fans the liverpool way of doing things is officially dead

    what happened to the free flowing football we used to play what happened to liverpool being the most feared team in europe where did the fear of coming to play a anfield go usually teams coming to anfield were 1-0 down before a ball was kicked now all we hear is how burnley or bolton might just get something at anfield

    its a disgrace this once great club needs to be great again and in order for that to happen we must stop this habit of airing our dirty linen in public and get the club overhauled from top to bottom and that includes a better youth policy and the pick up of local talent instead of the some of the foreign crap rafa has brought to the club

    anyway i am in the rafa must go camp no matter what this seasons outcome and if that means torres goes then so be it as i have said before liverpool fc pay his wages not rafa benetiz

    YNWA 96

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