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  • Dani Pacheco Dani Pacheco Mar 2, 2010 10:01 Flag

    Ngog tonight!

    You people are too harsh. me and my friend(chelsea fan) were discussing football, and i was bemoaning the lack of minutes for Pacheco. one thing after another, and we were discussing the Liverpool youngsters. Me as well as him rate Ngog, Insua, Pacheco and other youngsters. Insua is ever improving and he can be one of the worlds best. Ngog well, he has footwork and control when he wants to, but he seems to pop up with odd days. I remember him hitting the bar 2 times at least. One against Blackburn(A) and another team i ant remember. But when he truly plays my friend has dubed him the next Anelka. And Babel has got talent and potential, its just Rafa sticking a right footed CF on the LW. How can we judge him after that?