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  • Lpool20062007 Lpool20062007 Feb 26, 2010 16:45 Flag

    Rafa Tactics

    I think personally i would much rather be sitting pretty in the next round than dumped out like Everton. Another calculated two leg performance by Rafa he is doing a great job with limited resources get of his back now. Come on you Mighty Reds.

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    • Yeah but do you want him gone at the end of the season no matter what happens?

      I just think that the bigger picture is that the team is/has been so lacking in creativity that we can't break defending teams down very easily. We should have smashed them at Anfield leaving gave some of the rest of the squad a go on Thursday keeping some of the main players fresh for Saturday. And it happens every goddam season, against the likes of Wolves, Stoke, Portsmouth. EVERY F*CKING SEASON!

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      • Yes to that Loki, I would like to see an amicable parting of the ways at the end of the season...whatever happens. I dont wish Rafa any ill will (unlike the Yanks!) but I think I've seen enough now, the awful style of play, the weird team selections and setup, and the strange buying and selling activities in the transfer market and Rafa's appalling man management style have taken their toll on my confidence in our manager. He's not a "bad" manager in that we'd always be in the top half of the table, but he's never going to be a "great" manager either which is what we need to retain our credibility in the top rank.

    • Fancy chipping in Ajay with me an my mate who is FLYING over from PERTH for the WEST HAM game, I'm sure you could meet him and he'll swap his £730 return plane ticket for a hat and beanie and his £130 ticket that he's paid for, you knowq jack about what WE the pa4ying fans feel, carry on watching home & away whilst you have a spot of kip la .......while you enjoy dragstuff, just remember year nesh .. lol

      You wont have a clue what the latter means.

    • personally I'd much sooner be sitting pretty and undisputed in 4th place right now. Rafa's tactics in Europe are generally quite good,..... but not so good in the EPL, his team selections at times are confusing to say the least but his overall activities in the transfer market are generally abysmal. The proof of this pudding will be at the end of the season. As for Evertons performances, I really couldnt give a damn.

    • Excellent post.
      Nice to see a few people (Hobit and Pants in another thread) giving Rafa the credit he is due for orchestrating a good win. Not just a stumble across the line but a pretty convincing 4-1 aggregate over a team that are better than some of us gave credit - look at their ECL efforts:qualified straight into group stages, unlike Arsenal.
      Plus, lots of rested players ready to play on the weekend.
      And a slightly more attacking formation than usual?
      With Stevie in midfield where he belongs?
      It's starting to look up.