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  • RonJ RonJ Feb 27, 2010 11:26 Flag

    Rafa Tactics

    Yes to that Loki, I would like to see an amicable parting of the ways at the end of the season...whatever happens. I dont wish Rafa any ill will (unlike the Yanks!) but I think I've seen enough now, the awful style of play, the weird team selections and setup, and the strange buying and selling activities in the transfer market and Rafa's appalling man management style have taken their toll on my confidence in our manager. He's not a "bad" manager in that we'd always be in the top half of the table, but he's never going to be a "great" manager either which is what we need to retain our credibility in the top rank.

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    • I don't think Rafa needs to be saluted for a job well done-navigating his way to a "europa" cup win against the mighty minnows of european football-the Romanian champs. I have seen the likes of these teams struggle to beat league of Ireland teams in champs league qual's and our league is poor to say the least. At 1 down the other night were you not fearfull of "oh here we go again"??? He'll have to work for his salary in the next couple of months-will he try a different style of footy some rare attack minded tactics to get over the line to 4th position-a position not any where near good enough for Liverpool-and he has got the resources through the years and spent it badly-would you give him any more cash??-i wouldn't.

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      • That about sums it up for me Irish. No ill will against Rafa but, he´s had time and money enough more than most and for whatever reason hasn´t really proved "great" which is what we need. We can debate the reasons till the cows come home but it´s the bottom line that counts and I´d like to see the money grabbing Yanks gone and an inspiring man manager come in with full board backing next season. It´s not going to happen of course but someone needs to remind the Yanks that making money and winning titles are incompatible it seems in the English premier - or probably almost any other senior league

      • Irishred...wouldnt give the guy a wooden nickel to spend think the owners are of the same mind and hopefully are depriving him of any further cash in order to build a war chest for the new man who hopefully will rid us of the likes of Ngog Lucas Insua Rodriguez Degan Riera.... need I go on ?