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  • Waste of £20m or not ..?.

    Yes for me.

    A fully fit Rafaerl Van Der Vaart was available, Wesley Sneidjer at £17m, Arjen Robben at £25m, Felipo Melo £18.5m, Goran Pandev £17.5m, Noko Krnacjaer £2m, an extra £5m over 2 years may have got Mata or Silva, £10m may have got us Zvjezdan Misimović if Rafa flew is scouting further afield, I dont believe this nobody was available I have given somne quality names here these players could have improved us 10 fold, if signing Aquilani was the cheap case then Rafa needs to make this known for his own sake, nailed on fact.

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    • You could very well be right mate but i really think the guy is just an idiot, simple as that.

    • Yeah you are right pal I am at a loss he must of thought he could start to pay that much for him. Maybe his injury is worse than Rafa thought but he does not want anyone to know he wasted money on a crocked player only thing I can guess at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • But why be stubborn with aquaman? he DID pick him as a player. He has full control of transfers now so he can't blame anyone else for buying him his time.

    • Dave i'll respond to each of your paragraphs in order.

      As you say yes the club have stated he was not bought to replace alonso, they say he was bought to compete with gerrard. Like you have said he is not a direct replacement for alonso (which leadas me to yout second paragrapg).

      Therefore that tells me rafa was expecting lucas to step up and take on that role which imo is a lot to expect of such a young player. I am not going to slate lucas here at all as i think he has done fairly well this season and I think he will show how good he really is in a year or two. I think with lucas he just needs to gain the confidence to shoot...take a look at youtube, blimey he scored some crackers for gremio and you also you dont get player of the year in brazil and captain the u21's if you're a crap player. Yes IMO i think the money would have been better spent on buying a replacement for alonso. Actually no i'm lying, IMO Gerrard should be pushed back to replace alonso and now he's fit, Aquilani should take on the role just off of torres (we have had this discussion before so I say lets not start that one up again). I dont see it as being a quick fix, there were plenty of players out there such as Javi Martinez, a young Spaniard likened to Alonso, who is younger than Alonso and Aquilani so could go onto be a core player for the next 10 years. There were options out there Dave, I dont think you are naive enough to think there wasnt so please dont pretend to be.

      As for getting someone in to compete with Gerrard, yes great idea as he is getting on a bit but when we already have such a great player i feel that that money could have been better spent reinforcing other areas of the team, which I have already mentioned in previous posts. As you said before, we dont have mountains of cash so we shouldn't be spending it on buying competition for one of the greatest players on the planet (ever!) when other areas need strengthening. We could have replaced Gerrard or bought him competition in a year or two or even the upcoming summer after buying players for other positions in the summer just been. In fact we have a great yongester in Pacheco who could do that job just off the front man. Hopefully in a year or two he would be capable of taking on such a role on a regular basis. I know there is no guarantees with him but the same can be said of any player.

      I am not going to get into the board politics stuff, I like to think i am quite fair in my posts, i dont criticize just for the sake of it.

      Finally, please dont think I am judging Aquilani as I am not, in fact I think he will be a great player, I just want to see him on the pitch. So I dont see him as a waste, i think he is being wasted sat on the bench.

    • Daniel I don't know when Rafa expected Aqualani to start playing, and really making a contribution to the squad. But I do know it was obviously not at the beginning of the season as he was injured, and since it normally takes a little while for any player to bed in once they start breaking into the first team, not sure how much of a contribution he was looking for the Italian to make this term. Therefore, and the club have stated this, Aqualani was never a direct replacement for Alonso.

      Now it can be argued, that Lucas who has had to step up and fill the shoes of Alonso is not good enough, but for me that is unfair, as they are very different players, and it’s a bit like comparing apples to oranges. But if you’re making that argument, then the logical thing is to sell Lucas to raise funds to get a better central midfielder to replace Alonso. But could we have afforded to do that as well as bring in Aqualani? I think you said if we can't afford both, then going for a replacement now should be the priority. Fair enough if that is your opinion, but I'd rather go for the longer term core player, than the quick fix for this season.

      As for the competing with Gerrard comment, I'm not sure what your point is. Why not have a younger player trying to compete with Gerrard? Stevie is 30 this year, and while we hope he will stay at his peak for at least a few more years, he's not going to last forever. So bringing in someone now, under 25, who potentially could fill the void I'd say is a very smart move. Why wait till Stevie is over the hill?

      But if the argument why spend 20M on such a player, again I'm not sure of your point. If your arguing that its too much, then I'd ask how much do you think Gerrard would have cost (in today's transfer market) when he was the same age as Aqualani, even if he were injured when bought. If you’re arguing we should spend more on Gerrards long term replacement, then I'd say I'd agree, but need to ask under whose mattress all the cash is?

      I know this post puts a lot of pressure on Aqualani to succeed, but it’s also pointing out an alternative to the usual reactive message this board beats to sometimes. One game, won or lost can move this board, and just a few games is enough to decide the fate of a player who signed a contract for 4 years, as presumably he and the management want him with us for at least that long. He might not work out, but I still hope he will, and will at least give him a chance before I decide he's a waste.

    • Its fine dave, you didnt offend me, I just want you to realise how patronising you sound sometimes when you're trying to get your point across. It only seems lately that is creeping into more and more of your post so maybe it is because you're fighting a battle against every one else on the board over rafa??? Anyway, no offence take mate.

      Ok I think you have misunderstood what I am saying. Of course we need players next season, but when we buy a player, we expect him to be playing this year, not next year. Even if he did buy aquilani now because he was cheaper, fair enough, but he should have bought someone else to play this season. If he couldnt afford both, he shouldn't have bought aquilani.

      You say he's not buying for this season...that is absolute b*llocks mate! Any player he buys for the first team (so i am not talking about youths and reserves) should be for this season, not next.

      You say we dont have the luxury to plonk down over £100m in the hope of buying success...you're spot on there and that is exaclty the reason he should be more careful when spending money and shouldn't buy injured players who won't be up to speed until a year late. Look dave, alonso needed replacing at the beginning of the season, not now, not next season, at the beginning of this season.

      I notice you dont answer my thoughts on spending £20m on a a player to compete with gerrard and how that money could have been better spent on other areas of the team...is that because you agree then?

    • I assume that questions on people being civil was for me dave? It's a question I cannot answer. I dont know why be abusive or uncivilized, that is a question only those people can answer.

      I am not saying the player is not worth £20m, i think he will show he is worth that (but the way its going it wont be when he's playing for us). What I am saying is rafa is wasting £20m worth of talent by not playing him. Now to buy a £20m player to compete with Gerrard is ridiculous as that player is never going to get into the team. If this is the case, that money could have been better spent else where, like an actual centre midfielder who was fit to replace alonso.

      Again, I am not slating the player, i am slating rafa for not playing him.

    • Just a couple thoughts on this from me:

      First its way to early to make this judgment IMO. Normally most would give a foreign player at least half a season, to settle in, but this lad has barely had that considering he could not even train due to injury when he first came. Additionally how many games has he actually played for us to determine the verdict? Yes some will blame Rafa for not playing him, but until I see him, and see him for a while really hard to judge.

      Second, I have no idea if all the other players people quote were actually available, available for the prices often quoted, or if they wanted a move to EPL or even Liverpool. But, lets dispel one myth on the 20M. We got a structured deal from Roma so in effect we're buying on HP, so while we may end up paying 20M at some point, we're nowhere near that level yet. So if he's a waste of money, right now maybe its 5-8M, which is what these days you'd pay for a so, so back up player.