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  • ajay ajay Mar 1, 2010 01:06 Flag

    Another win

    Any comments from the anti-Rafa brigade?
    How many months off did Blackburn have leading into this game?
    What other excuses can you come up with this time to not congratulate Rafa on engineering another victory and keeping us in the hunt?
    Well done lads, a battling win against a spiteful team.
    Why is diouf still alowed to set foot on a professional football field? He is a total pillock.
    I noticed that Gerard did in fact play midfield today, where he rightfully belongs and we looked a bit more creative for it.
    Still yet to be impressed by Maxi and would rather have Benny out on the right than him.
    PS: I see the SAF factor scared the pants off Dowd and he handed the CC to Utd when they should never have been allowed to get a sniff in after that Vidic foul. Best defender in the EPL? Not anymore.

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    • Dave, Gerrard picked the ball up in the centre circle quickly played an intricate one two with Kuyt, fed the ball to Benayoun who in return fed it back to Gerrard who finished with real aplomb that wouldnt have happened if Masch and Lucas had been paired together, if you read back through some of my posts regarding Gerrard slotting back to midfield at the side of either Masch or Lucas then you will see not only did I say he was more than adequate for that role but due to his fitness levels and desire to get forward he would also get forward at every opportunity, and this goal just goes to show that ;).

      I will give Lucas credit for the pass that lead to the second goal, quick incisive thinking, it's a pity we don't see this very often, hopefully it's a sign on things to come.

      P.S we adopted a 4-4-2 formation for the first time in ages so obviously Gerrard would have been given the opportunity to get forward at every given opportunity, pretty pointless having 2 holding midfielders in such a formation.

    • So what you’re telling me is the deep thrusting passes you've been asking Gerrard to provide if he was put back in the center to direct traffic like Alonso used to do, was actually provided by Gerrard, to Gerrard! Not sure what game you were watching mate, but Gerrard scored off an assist from Yossi. In the box I might add, which is where you'd expect him to pop up if he was sitting in the slot behind the striker. So while he did sit in the center, and do a fine job IMO, he obviously had license from the boss to push further forward, which is exactly what he did when he got his goal.

      Btw, Torres's goal while assisted by Maxi, might note the long pass that really set up the play was provided by..........wait for it.........none other than.............Lucas. And there I was thinking he could only pass sideways and backwards.

      Hope this is not too patronizing, I've been accused of that lately. I'm going after the bleading obvious which can be patronizing, or actually rather annoying to those avoiding the facts so that their world view still holds.

    • I tell you what he has to be houlliers greatest buy. As i said, value for money wise, he was the greatest foreign buy in the premierleague. After seeing some of our defending I wish he was still here. He is rated the best centre back in the Bundesliga at 34/35!

    • hear hear on your Sami comment Daniel. When he and carra played I never had the collywobbles about our defence the way I do these days! He was a great buy indeed. Rarely injured, totally consistent, fearless, clean in the tackle, strong and a great servant to LFC.

      Wish some of Rafas signings were half as good!

    • Well with regards to significant performances and achievements that stick out I would have to say the 'outs' probably win.

      I mean Garcia and his many superb goals, especially the one against juve and the 2 against chelski.

      Also, riise setting up gerrard in instanbul.

      And big sami is just the best value for money foreign buy there has ever been in the premiership, nevermind just for liverpool.

    • Been thinking about your post Ajay, and think it’s got a major flaw. The problem is its not just another win sitting all on its own, which is how many who still can't bring themselves to giving the manager the slightest bit of credit, view the Blackburn game.

      People have made up their minds, fine. But to think your open minded, when you've already you've made up your mind, is a contradiction no matter how you try to spin it. But what I'd hope people look at, is not "Another win" but ask themselves, can we turn this season around?

      I know many of the Rafa haters also hate statistics, but numbers while they may not tell the whole picture, also don't lie. Over the last 8 league games, or since New Years, we've taken 15 points out of a possible 24 or 1.87 points per game. Still off the pace of the 2 clubs vying for the title, so nothing to right home about, but still ahead of our main rivals for 4th. (Villa are 10 out of possible 18, or 1.66 per game, City are 14 out of a possible 24, or 1.75 per game, and Spurs are 12 out of a possible 24, or 1.5 per game.

      My question is can we get better? And, or will our main rivals step it up a gear also, or are they already in top?

      I still think the jury is, and should be out on Rafa, and a decision should not be made until the end of the season. Fine if others would rather make that decision before all the facts are in, but wondering if we do finish in 4th, and on a run that actually makes 4 quite comfortable, despite the minds already being made up, will they afford the gaffer any credit.

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      • More 'emotive' language in there Dave I'm afraid - 'Rafa haters' - 'hate' statistics...although this subject will run and run :-)

        Statistics are fine - taking a particular time frame always tells the story in a positive or negative light whatever your side of the fence.

        Our points haul by month/possible :

        Aug 6/12
        Sep 9/9
        Oct 3/12
        Nov 5/9
        Dec 10/18
        Jan 8/12
        Feb 7/12

        ...the September total looks good because we beat Hull, Burnley and West Ham (2 at home - 1 away).
        August, October, November and December did nothing to set the pulses racing.

        You know my stance on Rafa - I think he has turned over a tremendous number of players in an attempt to stumble upon a good squad.

        At the risk of incurring the wrath of someone in particular :-)

        I will mention some ins/outs :

        Reira/Rodriguez - better than Pennant/Garcia?
        Skrtel - better than Hyppia ?
        N'gog - better than Crouch/Keane ?
        Aquilani - better than Alonso ?
        Insua - better than Riise ?

        Im not saying there were not reasons for the moves - just wondered if they were for changes sake...
        And where any of the players giving him a different tactical option.

        Lastly, I would say that the jury has been out - in private & in the pubs after the match.

        He is on death row. 4th place may be good for the team and the supporters - but it might get him a reprieve too - I hope not.

    • I'll be fair and agree with you here mate, yes most managers do blame everything and everyone else accept themselves and their team...would be nice to see some humility in football every now and then.

      Yes great goal by stevie, started and finished by him. Hopefully a sign of things to come. If he gets put back in that 'hole' though then i doubt we will see it very often as Gerrard wont be deep enough to start moves like that. When have you ever seen lucas or masch create and score a goal like that? Never.

      Thats the main thing mate, keeping 'nando fit...lets just hope that he has had a decent rest now and all the injury worries are behind him.

    • Hi Daniel

      I agree with your second para - Rafa does lack grace after games that he loses but, to be fair, he's hardly alone on that score.

      Most managers use post-match comments to deflect blame away from the team and create a "us against the world" atmosphere. Step forward SAF, Mr Wenger and the 'Special One' :-)

      Was a good goal by Stevie wasn't it. Let's hope him and Nando can stay fit 'til the end of the season eh?

    • adidasmalmos....interesting and very amusing that soon as u pointed out to dsteer the error of his ways on the Stevie G thing he....disappeared ! lol. Maybe went to wipe all that egg off his bespectacled face eh ?

    • ADIDASMALMOS..I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever mate that u are far more tactically astute than Benitez as are at least 75% of the posters on this board and probably every other board of a club in EPL.

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