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    If you were the gaffer what would you do?

    Hypothetical situation but with a week off, we need something to talk about!! What would you do with a £20m budget this summer. I am talking about player investment here and not buying a box at Stamford Bridge or paying off Rafas contract! Let's try to be realistic with player valuations also.
    Firstly I would sell Degen £1m, Riera £7m, El Zhar £2m, Cavalieri £1.5m, Plessis £1.5m, Babel £8.5m = £21.5m
    Then go shopping for Silva £28m and Quaresma £10m, James £free. We get £3.5m to increase Stevie, Nanado and Maschs wages to keep them here!!
    Johnson Caragher Agger Aurelio
    Kuyt Gerrard Mascherano Benayoun
    Subs: James, Jovanovic, Skrtel, Ngog, Maxi, Aquilani, Insua
    Squaddies: Pacheco, Kelly, Darby, Spearing, Lucas :), Kyriagkos, Nemeth, Gulacsi

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    • Silva - Yes please though I think his price might be slightly lower. He can also play either wing and off the striker so his multitalented ability would be of a lot of use.
      Quaresma - No thanks. I don't think he's that good and apparently neither do you since you left him out. ;oD
      James - Wouldn't want to be number two which is why he stayed with Pompey instead of pushing for a move in the window.

      I would go along with your sale suggestions also but would suggest (since Reina pretty much doesn't miss any games) to continue to develope our reserve and youth goalkeeping options.

      I'd be eager to see a lot more of Pachecho in the next season because he's deserved any shot he gets next Season which costs us nothing.

      I would probably suggest Klasic (one who has been mentioned a lot on here but apprently we don't have the funds to bring him - i've been hearing whispers that he would cost at most 17mil) for his ability to play either wing. I think (though I may be wrong) that his club are keen on Benny. I would formulate a benny plus cash swap in an instant.

      Joe Cole still hasn't signed a new contract (that i've heard of) and i'd love him here on a free.

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      • Well i'll revert back to a thread from a week or two ago.

        I would sell
        Cavalieri - 1.5-2M
        Skrtel - 8-10M
        Degen - 500K-1M
        Lucas, - 7-9m
        Babel - £8m - £10m.
        Spearing (some may slaughter me but i just dont think he is good enough) - 1m
        Plessi - 1m
        Darby - 500k
        San Jose (kelly and ayala are better and we have mavinga and wisdom to come through as well). - 500k
        Ngog - £2-3m. I think will probably come good but I think we have better youngesters at the club in Dalla Valle, Nemeth, Eccleston and Pacheco.

        Was going to include insua and but I think he will come good a in year or two. Also was going to include masch as I think we could get a very good deal for him (player + cash swap with barca) but it looks like we are offering him a new contract and he is going nowhere.

        So on top of the £20m budget that would give us 30m (using minimum estimations - add another £8m for higher end estimations) therefore a total of £50m.

        Silva and Mata from Valencia - combined fee of £34m.
        Van der vaart - 8m
        Chamakh on a free if we can beat arsenal to his signature
        Metzelder (free)
        Thiago and Gai (youngsters on a free from barca)

        Thats a total of £42m leaving a minimum of £8m but think it would be more around the £10m mark as I am sure we would sell a couple of players higher than the minimum valutation. With that £7m I would try and get in a young versatile defender like Germanys Serdar Tasci.

        Starting 11:

        Johnson, Metzleder, Agger, Insua/Tasci
        Benayoun, Gerrard, Masch, Mata,

        Gulacsi, Carra, Aquilani, Riera, VDV, Jovanovic, Pacheco

        Rest of the squad:

        Another 'keeper (Martin, Hansen, Bouzanis).
        Thiago, Gai, Chamakh (doubt we will get tbh), Soto, Eccleston, Ayala, Kelly, Nemeth, Dalla Valle, Amoo (if we sign him to a new contract and he doesnt leave on a free.

        I have probably missed some players from the squad but thats the best I can do right now.

      • He may be cheaper but I feel if we went in with a bid round there that we would actually get signed before he tears up the WC and ends up as a long term Giggs replacement! £10m may seem a lot for a squad player but I think we need to have £15-30m players on the pitch and top level replacements. I also think that the option of a pacey tricky right sided player is something we need in certain matches and to change matches late on. Perhaps Joaquin would be better suited. The ideal candidate would be Milner but I dont think £15m would sign him now.

        James wanted to play going into his last WC but I think once that has come and gone that he would happily settle for a role with us for a couple of seasons before retiring. I dont know much about this Klasic fella but I have heard good things.

    • Outs:

      Skrtel £8m-£12m.
      Cavalieri £2m.
      El Zahr £500,000.
      Benayoun £10m.
      Degen £1m.
      Babel £8m-£12m.
      Plessis £1m.
      Spearing £500,000.
      Ngog £2m-£3m.

      If we are talking Rafa already having £20m then also bewing able to spend what could be brought in, I've gone with the latter of the valuations which totals around £67.5m which includes the money brought in for Voronin and Dossena.


      Dudek free.
      Metzelder free.
      Torisidis £6m.
      Gai Assulin free.
      Milos Krasic £17m.
      Juan Mata or David Silva £25m.
      Rafael Van Der Vaart £10m.
      Milan Jovanovic free.
      Mario Bolatelli £19m.

      I've stated either Silva or Mata as both players will command within excess of £20m transfer fees as if this did actually happen we'd have Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juve, Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City all sniffing and would balloon their transfer fees quite drastically, a few of you might seem a little bewildered that I've added Benayoun to my outs I just feel with him nearing 30 years old we can cash in for a decent amount and improve the squad, you may disagree though.

      My line up would then be.

      ------------------------------Van Der Vaart---------------------------

      Subs: Dudek Metzelder Lucas Riera Aquilani Jovanovic Balotelli.

      I'd use Nemeth, Kelly, Darby, Pacheco, Amoo, Ayala, Dalle Valle, Eccleston, Bruna etc throughout the season when more established players need a rest or when injuries creep in, along with regular appearances in the cup games.

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      • there must be better players out there than silva i really don,t see the big attraction to him yet when transfers are mentioned liverpool fans go into overdrive and demand we spend massive amounts of money i am sorry but silva isn,t a player i would be looking at another thing we seem to have forgotten is the six foreign players rule for the champs league

        so based on that what about players like shaun wright phillips,ryan shawcross, wayne bridge,micah richards why not ashley young, james milner,alan smith to name but a few so how about fellow fans what english talent should we bring in?

        these player would all come at cut prices and keep the wage bill down as well as the lure of champs league football which all these players would love to play in

    • I would sell.

      Skertl = 10 mill (Yes we would get that for him, he is highly rated in Spain and Italy)

      Lucas = 7 mill (Atletico have been known to be sniffing around him)

      Babel = 9.5 mill

      Cavarelli = 3 mill (AC have inquired about his services)

      Riera = 9 mill (Valencia)

      Insua = 4 mill (seriously any high and it would be theft by us, even 4 mill is steep)

      That gives us 42.5 mill, plus Paulson has said that Rafa will have a good pot for summer(so with money raised in Jan plus money left over from the summer plus money given say another 40 mill in total). So 82.5 mill.


      James (Free)

      Upson = 6.5 mill

      Warnock = 6 mill

      Javi Martinez = 10 mill

      Krasic = 15 mill

      Silva = 25 mill

      Mata = 18 mill

      80.5 mill spent.

      Starting XI


      Johnson Carra/Upson Agger Warnock

      Krasic/Maxi Mascherano Martinez Silva/Mata



      subs- James,Degen,Yossi,Kyrakios,Pacheco

      Now how powerfull is that for an attacking options plus so many players that can play in numerous roles, so you can tinker all day and still have a solid line up.

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      • I normally do not post much on these type of threads as I to be honest just don't know enough about many players plying their trade outside the EPL, so not sure I can give a strong recommendation on incoming players from other leagues. Also, I really don't like to pick apart other peoples choices. Its all opinion, and subjective, so even if I don't agree, try to show some respect.

        But I did have a couple thoughts. First, I understand the logic people are applying, by trying to maximize sales and therefore boost the transfer kitty, but to be honest if some of these players are worth as much on the open market, I'm wondering why people don't see them has having much worth to LFC as players? I understand folks looking to trade up, but players that we'd be selling for 7-10M+ I got to think might be handy at least as squad players, unless they truly are surplus to requirements.

        Only other thought for you Pants, and I know you've held this opinion a while, but I really do think your wrong in Insua. Warnock certainly has improved since leaving us, but really not sure how much more upside he has. While Insua for me at least is getting better each time he plays. I thought he was a defensive liability earlier in the season, but this side of his game has improved. Seems to me he's playing smarter defensively, but still getting up field. This paired with the fact he's still very young and learning, makes me think he's worth hanging on to.

    • Ian, would you not try to sell and uprgrade on any of those players? Degen for instance.

    • Lighten up Daniel it's 9.33am in the morning !!

    • If I was rafa and had 20m to spend on any footballer it would have to be, keep the 20m go down to his local B&Q and spend a couple of quid on about 6' of rope and hang myself.

    • In principle yes I would, but I don't think we could raise the funds tbh. Say we got 2 mil for degen, we then need to spend 22mil on a RB(which I would rather see Kelly or Darby take up) and an attacking player. Much better in my opinion to have Degen here who whilst he isn't brilliant could do a job and not impede the youngsters, and throw all our money into a quality winger/inside forward. If i had 40 mil to throw around then i would consider shifting him as i would have the money for 2 decent buys, but to only improve my kitty by 2 mil and have to find a replacement for him aswell its not really worth it.