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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 9, 2010 06:37 Flag

    Anyone still support Fatlad now

    I will support Rafa, but only because it is in the club's best interest. Let's not forget that now we have to think beyond the current situation, let's put our frustrations aside and focus on doing everything possible in order to minimize the damage. Even though that means supporting Rafa until the end of the season!

    Rafa will go on his own will, no question in my mind. Now we have to start thinking about leaving the club in the best position possible to start a complete overhaul in the summer.

    We need to put our focus on the owners, on getting them out of Liverpool.

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    • It is not in the best interest of the club....Fatlad should resign not take 20 mill and let Kenny build the dressing room back up for the rest of the season...If Zorro remains till the end of the season the players will become more jaded and the likes of Stevie Nando and Carra will go for ....christs sake Carra still hold a first team starting place and is talking about going.......Now it is about instilling a belief in the players that next season we can progress Rafa does not understand how to motivate poo.......l Istanbul was great but it's over time to accept we have to move on now or lose the core of the team that we can build on no gerrard no torres no big name manager no players like Villa full stop

    • I'll support the team and the club as always, Rafa can go to f*ck for all I care, plain and simple.