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  • Loki Loki Mar 10, 2010 02:54 Flag

    Anyone still support Fatlad now

    So it hasn't been downhill this season then d? People were not coming out in the papers slagging Houllier off either the season after he finished second, and the parallels with this season are uncanny.

    There is no way that the players believe in his methods anymore, and anyone with one eye can see that some of the senior players are so p*ssed off, which we haven't seen before. For the first time ever, we have even Carra coming out and saying, 'I want to see the direction the club is going in before I sign a contract extension' - maybe I'm reading too much into that, but I think if Rafa stays, Carra might think its better to play in the US or Oz than struggle every week for no reason.

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    • I'm not saying its not been a bad season, far from it. But its a long way off to claim the manager has lost the dressing room which is usually a disaster for a club. The only way to stop the hemorrhaging created by a dressing room at full odds with the manager is to replace him quickly, and I just don't see evidence are that far along.

      I'm really not trying to paper over last night which was a god awful performance, even though I know many on here wish I would so they could slag off one of the last left with any faith in the manager, and keep trying to "paint me in a corner". But lets not overreact in the opposite direction either. Terrible result and performance last night, but that comes after a single loss in 10 prem matches. That's a run put together after one of the worst first half’s of a season that I can remember. Terrible injuries, terrible mistakes and bad luck, compounding to a confidence that must have been barely off the dressing room floor. I'm not saying Rafa had turned things around, but until last night, signs were he was at least going in the right direction, which is far from facing a dressing room revolt.