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    Dsteer Sone FACTS.....

    Okay pal so now people who disagree with your net gross argument you now call ignorant....Here are some facts for you...First off one definition of ignorance.."Ignorance is the state in which one lacks knowledge, is unaware of something or chooses to subjectively ignore information"
    Liverpool fans are passionate and among the most knowledgeable in the country...Fact
    Rafa promised a Prem in five years...Failed Fact
    He has spent 220 mill on players regardless of where cash came from do we have 220 mill pound caliber players in the team......No failed Fact
    The most knowledgeable fans in order are
    1. Fans who go the match week in week out fans who rode the specials stood on the kop were at the horror of Heysel,Hillsbough and went to Rome Paris Istanbul etc....
    2 Fans that live in the UK and discuss things in the pub ect with other fans from our team and others
    3. Other fans throughout the world that follow the game week in week out.
    4. American fans that get their info in bits and pieces and do not understand the true passion a LFC supporter really feels...... Fact

    For you to call people ignorant is a laugh if you I once also supported Rafa and gave him a chance he has squandered money wasted time anjd come up with excuse after excuse never his fault....Fact..A true supporter does not accept this current state we are awful not because of lack of cash but because FatLad cannot instill the pride and passion of the fields of Anfield in his team...Yes my pedigree chum his team....Fact
    Now instead of calling people ignorant accept we paid 220 mill regardless of where the money came from and we have sihte...Respect the knowledge and the very passionate and experienced posters on the board who live breathe and will die Liverpool..........

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    • What's wrong with you people, why attack Dsteer this way, why does it matter that he doesn't go to the matches or because he lives in another country and his knowledge of ther history of our club isn't vast as some of people on this site.
      Has he ever slag any of you off like Paisley or Sean....no.

      Yes his views might differ to most of us, more than most differ to mine. I would be one of the first here to raise a cheer when Rafa finally leaves Liverpool.

      Some of you go on about what it is to be a supporter, it is not about if you stood on the kop (which I have done many times) gone to away matches (again which I have done) followed them in europe (been to three european games away).
      Yes that shows loyalty but that's only one version of loyalty, look at the fans in Asia when Liverpool went there in pre season, you saying that those tens of thousands of fans that watched them aren't fans. Or when we go to our switz camp the fans that go to the games there aren't fans.

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yes our team is crap at best at the moment and Rafa has to shoudler MOST of the blame, there isn't any positives, but only because Dave tries to find the positives in a grim and hopless mess, doesn't mean that he should be berated in such.

      A Liverpool fan is someone who loves the club and fellow fans, "Liverpool is family" the Great Bill Shankly once said. So if you are a "true" Liverpool fan you will stop this everytime we loose.
      Yes you can question on Dave's views but not create a thread for a personal attack on a forum member because you are frustrated with the ways things are going and you feel you need to lash out at someone.

      That isn't the Liverppol way

      Walk on.

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      • Pants seems you and I agree on very little, except maybe who should get the drinks in (it’s your round by the way!), but I appreciate your post.

        To be honest if some want to have a go at me for trying to see the glass half full, when they are understandably very pessimistic at the minute, I'm fine with that. I'm a big boy, been on these boards a while, and seen many posters come and go, so I can take it. But for me it all comes down to what motivates a post, whether a rant, or a desire to look at the smallest silver lining.

        It’s pretty clear to me that we may have some wolves (mancs or others) in sheep’s clothing on here, but most I think are just very, very frustrated reds. I don't waste my time trying to identify the pretenders, but I'd just ask them to give it a rest (P&S has) as really wonder why if they hate Liverpool so much, they play at being a supporter. But for the rest, feel free to call me on my posts, feel free to air your opinions, just lets not make it personal if we can help it (I know we all get hot under the collar at times) and remember that no matter our opinions, its what motivates us, that love for the club, that is the most important thing.

      • Hey I'm not attacking Dsteer... I'd like to think he and i are on friendly terms?

        Sure we disagree from time to time.. isn't the nature of discussion? Sometimes u agree with someone sometimes not !!

    • As i said Desteer the boys that go week in week out have the pulse of anfield I am scouse i used to go week in week out but alas no more... I do not have the pulse and would never pretend to........ Cause you did not see as many games at anfield as me I do not think I am a bigger fan that was a matter of geography.........But a serious question you say what rafa has bought and then quote what they are worth......... with a few exceptions they to all fans are worth nothing cause we have no trophies zero nada....I do not know how old you are but LFC wins end of story we have bought and not won that is down to fatlad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I was in Liverpool when Gerrard was reported to have signed for chelsea what do you think the local fans were saying then just curious to see if you have the pulse...(Answer that please curious to know then i will tell you the truth) I was in the city center when the news brokre,,,,, cause I can admit born and bred scouser but I do not anymore....

    • Too right.. what of those people like myself who're sufferers of agrophobia who can't ever go to games cos of our condition.. let alone afford to go..

      Are we also less of a fan? I buy LFC shirts now and then I watch the lads on TV cheering them on and groaning when they play crap.. Just as any1 would as if they're at the match..

    • Think we'll leave it at that NJ. Our conclusions maybe different, but I think our motives are the same.

    • Alright buddy I was just p*ised at the ignorance comment if you had stated who was ignorant as you said you meant specific people then I may have agreed with you I took it that anyone who disagreed with your net argument was ignorant which you know I only care about gross spend. As for the list I do believe in number one I do think the majority of those fans are the most knowledgable and I do not count myself as belonging to number one as I do not go week in and out anymore..... the rest of the list was a just a P@ssed off reaction to what I interpreted you to say I apologize what was obviously having a go at you by putting the US fans intentionally last......So one one you pi#ssed me off and vice versa p.s No extra time to be played a point each......Be clear though just cause you cannot attend the match does not make you less of a fan.........

    • NJ, you started this little thread stating the pecking order of real fans, to go back on that now either means you want to retract your original post, or have it both ways. I'm just reacting to what you posted, where it seems you don't consider me, or other fans that have either never, or not in a long time attended matches regularly as some how lesser fans.

      As for worth, it’s subjective, so if you don't see worth that's your opinion. Just want to be clear however that by various measurements others may come to a very different conclusion. Just for illustration here is what many might consider very conservative valuations:

      Reina: 15M
      Johnson 17M
      Agger 12M
      Skrtel 8M
      Insua 8M
      Kuyt 12M
      Masch 25M
      Lucas 8M
      Riera 10M
      Yossi 15M
      Torres 50M

      You can argue at the margins on the individual players, but where you might take off a million or two here, some one else would add a million or actually maybe a lot more somewhere else. But that is a starting 11, all bought by Rafa which gets me to a conservative 180M. That does not include anyone sitting on the bench, or other first team squad members, let alone players brought into the reserve and youth set ups in the hopes they'll make it to the first team some day.

      I'm thinking while we all might end up with different valuations of individual players, its quite plausible that a valuation of all the players bought by Rafaf, and still at the club (I know you don't want to include players bought by Rafa who've left, even they are including in the 220M spending) would quite easily surpass the 220M mark so often quoted.

    • Credit to you, you did state you were lucky, and while I did not comment on that, I did take that on board. However you still seem to allude to the fact that because you've been to more games than I have, that you have superiority over me, and my opinions. In fact you laid out your pecking order rather clearly in your opening post:

      1. Fans who go the match week in week out fans who rode the specials stood on the kop were at the horror of Heysel,Hillsbough and went to Rome Paris Istanbul etc....
      2 Fans that live in the UK and discuss things in the pub ect with other fans from our team and others
      3. Other fans throughout the world that follow the game week in week out.
      4. American fans that get their info in bits and pieces and do not understand the true passion a LFC supporter really feels...... Fact

      I'm not sure which category you put me, or any other fan on this board, but it seems to me you do believe there is a ranking in which you, being as lucky as you are, are sitting at the top. For me that is a little offensive, and while I'm not asking for an apology, ask yourself if you owe one to anyone you think lands in positions 2 through 4 of your little table?

    • Fair enough mate. I apologise because I didnt mean to aim at you. It just triggered my little rant lol I am glad you see it that way.

    • No I agree with ya Daniel I was lucky and still am I stated that in my post Dsteer chose to ignore it........I only responded to his question about me calling the Kettle black....I don't think anyone is not a real fan cause ya cannot get to games due to geography or financial restraints....

    • No you asked me a question about calling the kettle black I simply responded I was not and told you why...Little touchy there mate I don't care if you have been to a match or not...As I said I have many friends here I have turned on to the pool who live here and have never been to a match I still debate them.....As far as two players being worth 100 mill so what....IMO they are worth that That does not mean Rafa got 220 mill worth of talent which is what he paid for the mostly useless Sihte he has bought hes had his chance and squandered the cash he needs to fcuk off

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