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  • Nobody is better than the other person to be honest, I'm sure we all share the same love for the club and when things go wrong we all feel the same pain, I'm just a bit dafter than most people tickets for home games this season have cost in the region of £80-£130 after paying that I've felt physically sick after the majority of the performances, I agree though some people live thousands of miles away, some people just can't afford it, some people can't go due to disabilities and things such as agrophobia but at the drop of the hat I'm pretty certain if situations were different these types of people would go to Anfield at the drop of an hat.......

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    • F*cking hell i'd feel sick after paying that as well! Yes you're right, if i could afford it i would go to the game a lot more often, i would be at every game if i had it my way.

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      • haha !!! Very sick Daniel old pal.

        Problem I have with moving away from merseyside at such a young age I have to use online ticket companies or even get tickets from a tout on various matchdays and throw beer money, travel expences into the fray I'm probably spending around £250 on a matchday, not cheap at all, but worth it to see the boys in red, as I said if everybody's situation was different I have no doubt they would be at Anfield as and when they could get there, what does piss me off is those cunts that sit in pubs watching games that can afford to go but just don't, that's what I call a plastic fan.