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  • I am going to be controversial here. I think there is a difference between a fan and a supporter. Fans may buy shirts, and live in Timbuktu or wherever, but supporters go to the games. To be fair, I do think that going to a game does give a proper perspective because you can't see everything on the telly. This is why I DO believe that someone who goes to the game knows more about the team. Also, those who don't go to games have not experienced the communion between the team and the supporters at the game, the best example of which is obviously Istanbul.

    The thing is, I don't look down on people who don't go the game. I have been going week in week out since I was 11, nearly 30 years, home, away, abroad, finals and all that and I just love talking about Liverpool with other people, after all, we all want LFC to be the best team in the world and successful. Thats the main thing and we shouldn't lose sight of that! So lets not turn on each other folks.........