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  • We might get 7th if we're lucky. Its been a bad season for us and if fatlad is still here next season it'ill get worse. Gerrard just sum,s up this season (and how I feel,) one of the finest midfielders to kick a ball and he looks a broken man. Gerrard knew this was coming and tried to leave but was persuaded to stay with broken promises and I think he will give a tranfer request at the end of the season but if fatlad goes and someone good comes in he'll stay. Fatlad trying and then getting rid of a player of Alonso's quality and then spending 20m on an injured man, who when was fit wouldn't play must break Gerrards heart. The list goes on and on of the f**k ups that the fat twat has done and I cant believe people in the club cant see what a mess he is making and decide to do something about it.

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    • I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks we will not get that 4th place and do not deserve it either. We have been really poor this season and to think of what happened last season and now we are 18 points behind top spot is an absolute disgrace. If Rafa had any dignity or respect for himself and us the supporters he would resign at the earliest instant. Money or no money.

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      • Ive just tried to be really Neutral, and I have us losing to Chelsea and drawing to Birmingham away, finishing on 67 points. Spurs drawing at City on the last day, in a decider, which after losing to the top 3, they finish on 68 points. City by drawing on the last day finish on 69 points, despite losing against Arsenal and drawing games to United, and their next two. Villa then also finish tied on 69 points and I have them going unbeaten now until the end of the season, with a few draws mixed in.

        So my prediction now for the final league table is:

        Man City

        Oh PS I always had Chelsea pencilled in for the title this year, but I don't think they will now. Arsenal have a decent run in, and United will push them all they way. That is going to be tight too.